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Outstanding workshop leader. He delivers flawlessly a very complex subject, making it simple, practical and very interesting. Thank you for a commandable performance.
Alain Paul Martin, Harvard University

Great course, great instructor. Very relevant to my work. Even being an experienced @RISK user, I still learned valuable information from this course. I really enjoyed the format and the information taught. Palisade is a first-class company and I look forward to exploring additional software that is available.
Jim Collins, Brubaker & Associates

Excellent presenter, and the examples were excellent in illustrating the most important points. I wish I would have taken this class long ago, it would have saved an enormous amount of time and energy. Thank you!
Daniel Flick, CNA

The trainer was excellent and provided some valuable insights into the software and helped me out with a modeling problem I was having. I think the training was well worth my time.
Scott Jean FCAS, MAAA; Associate Actuary, EMC Insurance Companies

The training session was very well conducted has definitely enhanced my understanding of the software, and allowed me to develop my own uses within my work.
Brian McInnes, Senior Project Manager, GHD Ltd Management Engineering Consultant

The instructor's knowledge of the @RISK application tool and risk analysis in general was very strong and the presentation was excellent.
John Estill, Lawrence Livermore Labs

The course was useful and the presenter was knowledgeable. There was a good mix of background material and working through actual problems. The facilities were good.
Marvin Schwedock, General Atomics

Seminar was well-balanced.
Rashmi Agnihotri, The Andersons, Inc.

Practical examples were very well picked.
David Ledesma, Lafarge NA

After taking the class I'm better able to perform risk analysis. I'd recommend Palisade seminars to my colleagues.
Karl Vischer, Bonneville Power Administration

We really enjoyed the 2-day seminar at Palisade and found it cleared up many questions we had about risk and probability.
Marcel Volleberg, Michiel de Haan and Rogier Fernhout. Tauw Bv (Netherlands)

The course content and presentation was spot-on.
London seminar attendee, November 2000, Instructor: David Vose

The training was a very good blend of statistical concepts, their understanding, and the application of @RISK to modeling.
Barry Zaltman, New England Institute of Art

Good balance of topics.
Lawrence McCann, Cornell University

I enjoyed and learned very useful tips at the Palisade seminar…, so it was worth while to come all the way from Costa Rica to attend it.
Princeton seminar attendee

The stats recap was great.
Joanna David, Liberty Mutual

Very enjoyable & helpful!
Overall excellent seminar.
Very well done; informative and valuable.
Washington, DC seminar attendees

Appropriate time was spent on both theory and practical application. Instructor was excellent. Very knowledgeable!
Excellent coverage of the material.
Calgary seminar attendees

Example datasets were very useful. Good course!

Great course!
Minneapolis seminar attendees

Wonderful instructor.
Outstanding course.
Course exceeded expectations. Could have spent 100 hours on my own not learning ½ of what I did in one day!
Atlanta seminar attendees

I would encourage coworkers to take this class.
Walter James, North Carolina Department of Insurance

The course materials will be useful as reference tools.
Ian Williamson, International Institute for Business Development

The class was conducive to learning, and I felt comfortable participating in class.
James Forsberg, Contact Energy

The materials were well organized and can be applied to my work.
Darren O'Connell, OneSteel

The course improved my ability to perform risk assessment. I would recommend it to coworkers.
Mike Henry, Shell

A really solid overview with solid presentation.
Joe de Foleschampe, Bentley College

Great class! Let me know when you are in town next.
Subramanian Hariharan, LaSalle Bank Corporation

Thanks for an excellent course on @RISK. I found it extremely useful in content. Well worth it.
Jon Knights, Materials Engineer, Halcrow Group Limited, UK

I certainly enjoyed the conference. We got a lot out of the event and hope to attend others in the future. Keep up the good work.
Kevin Laska, Great American Insurance, Palisade Training Conference Attendee

Very good course. Well and intelligently presented.

Very good course which I will recommend to colleagues.
London seminar attendees

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The seminar was perfect.
Arnd Allert, Allert & Co, Germany

I was very happy to successfully complete the @RISK training for Kimberly Clark North Asia. I would like to say thank you very much for all of your support. The training session was especially EXCELLENT. According to the survey after training, I got very positive feedback on the Palisade instructor.
HeeSook Park, Kimberly Clark North Asia

I found Palisade's consultation extremely valuable.
Dmitry Sorkin, Dimanomix Composite Manufacturing

Risk analysis within Fluor has moved up to a different level because of Palisade training on the software.
Waymon Lofton, Fluor Corporation

Each of the attendees said that they were able to bring away valuable knowledge from the training, and several have even applied this knowledge to current projects already! It really puts Palisade Corporation on the list of our valued training vendors.
Benjamin Juster, Futron Corporation

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Oil & Gas

I thought the course was excellent. I can’t remember when I last went to a course that was so applicable and so well presented.
Debra Carle, APA Petroleum Engineering Inc.

The Oil & Gas course was extremely well presented and organized; will have immediate payback.
Steven Broder, Bunker Hill Associates


Rishi - great job! Enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. Well done.
Tony Vowles, Leighton Contractors, Australia
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The trainer was excellent - responsive, helpful, and easy to approach. Highly recommend trainer for future use.
Washington DC Seminar Attendee

The instructor was very knowledgeable and responsive to the particular needs of the class.
Charles Kirby, Northrop Grumman

Seminar leader excellent - intelligent and approachable.
Liked the seminar leader's style.
London seminar attendees, Instructor: Susan Peterson

Instructor very well prepared and help models on disks appreciated.
San Diego seminar attendee

One of the best, most efficient seminars I have attended. The material was covered completely with good emphasis throughout the class from fundamental statistical principles to DecisionTools' capabilities.
Houston seminar attendees

Overall course is excellent!
I enjoyed everything.
Great instructor.
Houston seminar attendees

The seminar leader was very responsive to the class.
Doug Pavlovich, BankWest

Great teacher!
Orlando seminar attendee

The instructor clearly showed he knew the materials and sample exercises. I appreciate his high level of appreciation. I also value his willingness to engage the class and accommodate all of their questions.
Javier Sola, Vancouver seminar attendee, Norwest Corporation

I very much appreciated the special and humoristic way he made us understand complex matters.
Brussels seminar attendee

User Conferences

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I have attended the webcast for Data Collection with @RISK for Project. It was really good. The overall training was useful. Hope to hear more about other Webcast training.
Rimadevi Shrest, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Nice and fluent presentation.
Mamun Mahmud, Health Canada

A very interesting demo of @RISK 5.0. I saw several features that solve current problems in my modeling.
Ian Williamson, IIBD LTD.

Excellent demo. Informative.
Michel Bilodean, McGill University

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