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Since 1984, Palisade’s market-leading risk and decision management software solutions have been providing actionable insights in the most uncertain of situations. Simply put, @RISK and DecisionTools Suite software enable companies to evaluate risk — no data or statistics degree required. From cost estimation to NPV analysis, portfolio optimization to insurance loss modeling, reserves estimation to demand forecasting, Palisade software solutions enable decision-makers to avoid pitfalls while uncovering new opportunities.

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Latest Palisade Software News

Monte Carlo Simulation as a Force for Good

Many who have been exposed to Monte Carlo simulation learned about it in the context of financial modeling such as asset management, cash flow analysis, or actuarial study.  And that’s with good reason: The applications of Monte Carlo simulation for giving valuable insights into areas of financial uncertainty are limitless. 

Improving Legal Case Outcomes with @RISK and PrecisionTree, Part IV

A common first step in litigation strategy is to calculate the case’s settlement value. As discussed in our past legal blog series, settlement calculations can quickly become inundated with countless variables and uncertainties. These legal uncertainties raise questions about estimating damages, a crucial step in the value calculation.

Improving Legal Case Outcomes with @RISK and PrecisionTree, Part III

Previously we discussed the importance of crafting decision trees in litigation strategy and why patent litigation is an expensive, time-consuming process. In part three, we will be focusing on how to leverage Palisade’s @RISK software to overcome decision analysis challenges and calculate probabilities of all possible scenarios occurring to determine fair market value of intellectual property (IP).


september, 2022

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