On-Site Training

On-Site Training

Training Tailored to your Organizational Needs

Maximize Your Investment

Palisade on-site training will maximize your software investment in two key ways. First, the training is tailored to your organizational needs, so you can be sure you are taking full advantage of all the insights Palisade software has to offer. Second, by teaching members of your organization the value of the software, you will encourage broad adoption of the techniques and you will be more likely to win over those who resist change. The end result is better decisions across the board, leading to a quick return on your software + training investment.

Tailored Classes to Meet Your Needs

With Palisade on-site training, you get a custom-designed course that teaches your staff practical ways to apply Palisade software in their day-to-day work. Only features and techniques that are relevant to your organization’s functions will be covered. In addition, we can adapt your own spreadsheet models to use in the class, so that examples presented are readily understood by all participants. This ensures that students get up to speed quickly, reducing learning time and lowering costs.

We Come to You

Because we come to you instead of the other way around, Palisade On-Site Training is very cost-effective. There are no travel expenses for the attendees, and lost work time is kept to a minimum.

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