Software Activation

Software Activation

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Software Activation is an anti-piracy technology designed to verify that the product has been legitimately licensed in compliance with the software’s end-user license agreement. It reduces a form of piracy known as "casual copying," or the sharing of software between people in a way that violates the license agreement. Activation helps protect the intellectual property that lies at the heart of the software industry. It is designed to have minimal impact on users. Activation is a one-time, completely anonymous procedure and requires no personally identifiable information from the end user.

How to activate your software

Software activation works by validating that the software's activation ID has not been used on more PCs than allowed by the software's end user license agreement. During activation, the software ID and an identifier number derived from the PC’s hardware configuration are sent to Palisade’s activation system during activation.

There are two routes for activation, Automatic Activation and Manual Activation. If you have an Internet connection and your firewall permits, Automatic Activation can be done during installation or while running the software. Otherwise, Manual Activation can be done while running the software.

Automatic Activation Process

In Automatic Activation, the software sends an activation request to the Palisade activation server through an HTTP Internet connection. The server processes the request and sends a response to your software within 60 seconds. If the activation is successful, the software displays a success message and stores the license permanently on your computer. If the activation fails, the software displays a failure message.

Automatic Activation will fail if you have no Internet connection, or if your firewall or network settings don’t allow a direct connection between your computer and Palisade’s server. In these cases, you can perform a Manual Activation.

Manual Activation Process

First, generate a Request File from your software as follows:

  • For versions 5.x, go to the Help menu in your software > License Activation > Manual Activation

  • For versions 6.x and 7.x, go to Help > License Manager > Activate > Use Manual Activation

  • For versions 8.x, go to @RISK > License Manager

The software will prompt you to save the Request File, which is digitally signed to ensure accuracy. Then submit the Request File via the form below.

The software will then prompt you to save a Request File, which is digitally signed to ensure its accuracy. You can submit the Request File via email, or through the online Manual Activation form.

After Activation

Verify the software’s activated status, and its expiration date (if any), by selecting Help » License Manager or Help » License Activation in the software menu.

Caution: The activated license is stored on your computer. Before you wipe the hard drive or decommission the computer, to preserve the license you must deactivate the software through Help » License Manager or Help » License Activation in the software menu. Uninstalling the software will not necessarily release the license.

Hardware Failures

In the event of catastrophic hardware failure or other extenuating circumstances, please contact Palisade Technical Support to explain the situation and have another activation issued. Palisade Technical Support can be reached at or by phone at +1 607 277 8000.


In some Palisade software, to help improve future releases, Palisade collects anonymous usage information. No details about the user or user models are sent to Palisade – only generic usage information.

Users can opt in or out of this program at any time by choosing the ‘Usage Reporting’ command in the Help menu.

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