Support for Academic Users

Support for Academic Users


    Students using Palisade software are eligible for e-mail or ticket support only. Start a Support Ticket or write to


    Faculty and staff running Palisade course licenses are eligible for telephone and e-mail support. Call +1 607 277 8000, start a Support Ticket, or write to


    Faculty and staff using full academic versions of Palisade software with current maintenance are eligible for support. Call +1 607 277 8000, start a Support Ticket, or write to

    If you are an instructor using @RISK, DecisionTools Suite, or other software as part of a course, you will automatically receive the latest version when you renew your course license. If you have a non-expiring academic copy with current maintenance, click here to request free updates and upgrades.

Cengage Textbooks Bundled with Palisade Software

If you are using @RISK, DecisionTools Suite, PrecisionTree, RISKOptimizer, or StatTools that was bundled with a college textbook published by Cengage (e.g. Thomson Learning, Brooks/Cole, South-Western, Duxbury, or other imprints), you should contact Cengage for support. Academic verification will be requested, such as university, book title, and course name.

Consult the Cengage FAQ