All sessions in the 2006 Palisade User Conference will be led by experts in their fields. Palisade’s own experienced software instructors and senior consultants will join forces with independent consultants and leading managers from industry to provide in-depth content that will be of significant value to all who attend.

Alphabetical by Last Name

Michael Churchill, BAdmin Grad Dip, FSIA, CPA, MAICD, Capital Value Pty Ltd
Michael is a business valuations specialist with over 15 years of experience in the technology, telco, infrastructure, media, services and manufacturing sectors. He has prepared independent expert reports for takeovers and litigious disputes and valuations for tax, reporting, strategy, and capital pricing purposes, and has also provided expert testimony on valuation matters in the Supreme and Federal Courts.

Michael has authored numerous thought-leading articles on cost of capital, expert reports, capital management, and probabilistic analysis in valuations. He was an original co-author of the valuation text "Australian Valuation Handbook".

Prior to the establishment of Capital Value, Michael was a partner in the valuation group of PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Kimbal Curtis, Senior Research Officer, DAFWA (Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia)
Mr. Kimbal Curtis focuses his research on production, marketing, and processing of Merino wool. He was part of a research team that worked with Indian wool processors to study and then model the impact of changing raw wool specifications on downstream processing
Kimbal has extensive experience in establishing the Australian wool auction data archive and using it to analyze the supply and price of Australian wool. He is currently contracted to develop a national sheep demographic model to project sheep numbers and wool production. He has developed and implemented a national survey instrument to collect statistics in order to calibrate and validate his flock model. Wool price models are important tools in farm business planning and in setting wool breeding objectives.

Kimball Fink-Jensen, Principal and Project Manager, Resolve Decisions
Kimball Fink-Jensen is Principal and founding Director of Resolve, a consultancy focused on delivering better business outcomes through structured decision-making processes and analysis. Kimball has worked on a range of strategic development projects in both the private and public sector, covering market strategy, manufacturing processes, and infrastructure development. Many of these projects contained a significant international dimension. Since founding Resolve in 2002, Kimball has worked with clients in the electricity, insurance and manufacturing industries.

Dr. Stephen Grey, Independent Consultant
Dr Stephen Grey is a highly experienced risk management consultant, facilitator and trainer. He has significant recent experience in the conduct of risk assessments and quantitative risk analyses in a variety of contexts.  He has undertaken many large integrated risk assessment and financial risk modelling exercises for Government agencies and corporate businesses including public private partnership and alliance procurements. His main activities at present are in strategic planning, support of complex procurements, corporate and project risk analysis and risk management training, for major Government agencies and private sector clients in Australia and New Zealand.

Sam McLafferty
Sam McLafferty is Palisade's founder, president, and CEO. He started the company in 1984 with the release of PRISM, a stand-alone Monte Carlo simulation package for DOS on the PC. PRISM later evolved into @RISK for Lotus 1-2-3, and then for Excel. Sam is Palisade's lead developer, with over thirty years of programming experience. He works closely with the technical and sales staff, ensuring that customer feedback is heard. He personally oversees the development and evolution of every one of the fifteen software products Palisade sells. Prior to Palisade, he was a risk analysis consultant.

Mark Meurisse
Mark Meurisse joined Palisade in 2003 with ten years consulting, marketing, and research experience in bank credit, agriculture, commercial real estate, computer programming, and environmental engineering. Since joining Palisade, Mark has led training seminars and consulting projects in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and the US. He has worked for clients in the oil and gas, telecommunications, agricultural, environmental, and aerospace industries. Clients Mark has trained include Shell Oil, Telstra, Evans & Peck, AWAS, Westpac, Woodside Petroleum, BlueScope Steel, BHP Billiton, Thiess, PTTEP Thailand, Australian Tax Office, Department of Primary Industries, HP, Georgia Pacific, and more.

Mark’s analytic, modelling, and research expertise includes risk analysis, simulation, sensitivity, stress testing, causal flow analysis, market power, geographic information systems, and public policy. He holds an M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Texas A&M University and a B.S. in Economics from Oregon State University. Mark has authored or co-authored 9 publications

Rishi Prabhakar
Rishi is a new member of the Palisade team, and brings a broad range of experience and expertise. He has worked in and consulted to the energy industry, telecommunications, scientific research, banking and finance with an emphasis on operational risk and Basel II. Rishi's has expert skills in the areas of statistical analysis, simulation, time series forecasting, risk/capital modelling, extreme value theory, survey design and analysis. He holds a BSc Mathematics from the University of Technology, Sydney.

John Stanton, Associate Professor, Curtain University of Technology
Dr John Stanton is a specialist in wool processing and marketing with extensive consultancy experience. He has developed a report to state government presenting a strategic plan for the Western Australia wool industry. He has prepared definitive descriptions of the profile of the Australian wool clip, and used this information in assembling and processing batches of wool that deliver valued attributes to retail customers. This included research to identifying the characteristics of wool knitwear that are associated with comfort. He has also developed education materials promoting an understanding of the Australian wool clip, and trained wool growers in wool fabric properties, linking these to the types of wool they produce.

Clint Steele, Ph.D., CJSteele Uncertainty Management
Clint Steele is a qualified mechanical engineer with a design background, an adjunct research fellow at Swinburne University of Technology, and an uncertainty modeller/ consultant. He currently teaches probabilistic methods to engineering students, researches tools for uncertainty prediction and management, and has applied these methods to various engineering systems and entrepreneurial ventures. His expertise in uncertainty modelling of such systems stems from: a PhD in Probabilistic Design, a Bachelor of Engineering, and a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship. Clint’s primary area of interest is the robustification of technical and business systems.

Dr Paul Walsh, Australian Graduate School of Management
Dr Paul Walsh is a Senior Lecturer at the AGSM and is the Program Director for their Executive Programs “Strategy-Led Reporting and the Balanced Scorecard” and “Six Sigma Series”. He is subject leader of the Data Analysis unit of the Executive MBA program.
Paul is also the author of three national training programs for CPA Australia covering the design of KPI scorecards in business, government, and the not-for-profit sector. Paul has presented more than 150 public and in-house management development workshops. He also practices what he preaches, bringing extensive consulting experience to the table. Paul’s recent book The Measurement and Management of Strategic Change is published by Pearson Education.

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