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Red Leaf Resources, Inc. (RLR), based in Salt Lake City, is a start-up energy company focused on providing a novel method for accessing oil shale reserves with the smallest environmental impact possible. As they are still in the R&D phase, Red Leaf Resources is reliant on private equity. Given the uncertain nature of oil markets and the economy in general, RLR needs comprehensive and clear methods to assess risk, and to display a range of possible financial outcomes to board members and other decision-makers. Using @RISK, RLR has been able to give stakeholders a view of the range of potential outcomes, including ranges of Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return, depending on variations in factors affecting these numbers.

Dan Rakovan, Manager of Strategic Planning at Red Leaf Resources, finds @RISK particularly beneficial for communicating complex concepts to the board. “I love the curves the applications provides,” he says. “It helps explain the uncertainty of the project in a very rational and understandable way.” While Rakovan had used other Monte Carlo simulation software prior to @RISK, he found the other tool could not compete with Palisade’s presentation-ready graphs. “I was trying to find ways to improve our presentations, and I liked that @RISK worked directly with our Excel spreadsheets—the others don’t do that.”

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Enhanced Decision Trees with Monte Carlo Simulation


Learn how PrecisionTree and @RISK can work together to enhance your analysis.


PrecisionTree and @RISK, both part of the DecisionTools Suite, work together seamlessly. PrecisionTree represents chance events and payoffs with discrete values or probabilities. When combined with @RISK, @RISK enhances the analysis by representing continuous ranges of outcomes for chance events and payoffs, giving you a more realistic picture of possible outcomes. This webinar is an introduction to decision trees in PrecisionTree along with probabilistic analysis using Monte Carlo simulation in @RISK, to demonstrate how these two programs can be applied to your everyday business analyses within Microsoft Excel.

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@RISK Tips: Alternatives to =IF for Picking Distributions


Excerpted from Palisade's Knowledge Base


=IF can be an effective way to choose your distributions. However, depending on how many iterations you choose, the number of distributions being used, and what the rest of your model looks like, =IF may not offer the most efficient or straightforward results.

A better approach would be to move your logic into a macro, where it is executed only once. To learn more about Alternatives to Picking Distributions and to see an example, follow the link below to Palisade's Knowledge Base.

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