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The Most Un-Likely Scenario: Financial Case Study with Example Model

The Most Un-Likely Scenario: Financial Case Study with Example Model

Example Model: The Most Un-Likely Case Scenario

How does a CFO create a financial projection when there are disparate projections of unit volume, and inventory and part availability, in addition to unknowns about hourly pay rates? How can the CFO help his team measure and model all the risks? Through Monte Carlo simulation, the CFO can go beyond a single-point "Most Likely Scenario" to see a whole range of possible outcomes and how likely they are to occur. In the end, sometimes the "Most Likely Scenario" turns out to be the most unlikely, when probabilities are taken into account.


For this example, Jerry Scherer wrote an introductory case study that takes readers step-by-step through quantitative risk analysis, demonstrating how different stakeholders have different approaches to risk. The case study is accompanied by an @RISK example model that covers the data and calculations referenced in the article, providing an informative introduction to risk modeling.

Jerry Scherer, President of JB Scherer Consulting Group LLC, has extensive knowledge of Palisade software products. He uses @RISK to provide risk modeling services to companies in the Midwest, identifying the key drivers in their plans, budgets, or forecasts.

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Teaching Tips & Examples

Optimal Product Bundling

Excerpted from Financial Models Using Simulation and Optimization II by Wayne L. Winston, Published by Palisade

Optimizing product bundling is a common strategy many companies use to offer incentives for customers to purchase more products. Some examples include cable companies bundling internet service, phone and television; computer companies bundling computers, printers, scanners and monitors; or even Palisade bundling @RISK with other decision making tools in our DecisionTools Suite. The example below demonstrates how to model profitability associated with a set of product prices. It discusses how to set up a spreadsheet to show how to determine the revenue associated with any set of product prices, how to use the INDEX and MATCH functions to model the profitability associated with a set of product prices and lastly, how to use Evolver to find the optimal bundle prices.

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Tech Tip of the Month

Multiple SimTables 

I'm using several RiskSimtable functions because I want to vary multiple variables. Variable A has two values and variable B has five values. How do I set up the 2×5 = 10 simulations to use all combinations of the variables?

A: When you have multiple RiskSimtable functions, the first simulation uses the first value of every RiskSimtable, the second simulation uses the second value of every RiskSimtable, and so on. If the number of simulations is greater than the number of values, that RiskSimtable will return error values for the extra simulations.

This means that if you want 2×5 = 10 combinations, each RiskSimtable needs 10 values. There are two ways to accomplish this: list all ten combinations of values, and have your RiskSimtable functions access each list, or select values of the variables yourself based on the current simulation number without using RiskSimtable. The first method is easier, especially if you have a small number of variables and they have a small number of values. The second method is more flexible and can be extended easily, but it's more complicated. The attached workbook shows both methods, using the same three variables for each. This workbook shows you how to set it up.

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Featured White Paper

Estimating the number of cases of acute gastrointestinal illness (AGI) associated with Canadian municipal drinking water systems
Murphy, H. M., et al. Epidemiology and infection 144.07 (2016): 1371-1385.

The number of endemic acute gastrointestinal illness (AGI) cases annually in Canada is estimated at 20.5 million. These cases of AGI are commonly underreported and the cause for such infections are often not determined, hence, it is unknown how much influence the consumption of tap water from municipal drinking water plants has on the Canadian AGI burden. This study provides a framework to estimate national waterborne illness and uses Palisade’s @RISK to estimate the number of AGI cases that are a result of consuming municipal tap water in Canada.

Palisade  Read the paper here


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