Deloitte Uses @RISK to Advise Clients on Risk-Heavy Insurance Partnerships

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2014 Palisade Risk Conferences
An intensive day of networking, software training presented by Palisade trainers and consultants, and real-world case studies presented by industry experts. Join us at an event near you. More dates to come for 2015.

» Mumbai:
   13 January

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   12 May
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   21 May

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México, DF: 11 al 13 de febrero
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Live Web TrainingProject Risk Assessment
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9-10 February, 2pm-6pm EST

Decision-Making and
Quantitative Risk Analysis
using @RISK

10-11 February, 11am-3pm EST
17-18 February, 11am-3pm EST

Using Decision Trees with
PrecisionTree to Add Insight
to Decisions

18 March, 1pm-5pm EST

Decision-Making and
Quantitative Risk Analysis
using the DecisionTools Suite

9-10 April, 9am-1pm EST
23-24 April, 9am-1pm EST


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Staying Fit, Saving Energy: @RISK and RISKOptimizer Help World’s Biggest Fitness Club Save on Electricity
Fitness First has over 1.2 million members, making it the largest gym, health and fitness club group in the world—it also has a hefty electricity bill that needs managing.

KnowledgeGlobalLogoFitness First turned to Knowledge Global, an Australian company that specializes in advising clients on reducing energy use costs. Knowledge Global has been delivering verifiable and accurate financial return on investment on energy efficiency programs via their data analytics tool called NRG Insight. The product is fundamentally an independent billing engine that uses daily smart meter updates to provide automated bill validation, accruals, budgeting, forecasting, market analysis, and procurement aids.

Knowledge Global has been able to further enhance NRG Insight analyses with @RISK, which optimizes expenditure of new capital in energy efficiency programs. Inputs (such as energy cost, usage, and weather) can be modelled with appropriate distributions. The internal rate of return (i.e. NPV) on a portfolio of efficiency projects across a number of gyms is then modelled using RISKOptimizer, providing more confidence in future projects which are then validated by NRG Insight.

"Fitness First and our other clients are provided with more confidence in the expected returns of energy efficiency strategies which makes capital sign off easier," says Ross Sharman, Managing Director of Knowledge Global. He adds, "@RISK's strong statistical capability has made NRG Insight much smarter."

  » Read the full case study
  » Learn more about @RISK
  » Learn more about RISKOptimizer

Palisade Introduces BigPicture

Now Available – BigPicture
A New Mind Mapping and Data Exploration
Tool for Excel
Palisade is pleased to introduce BigPicture, the diagramming and data mapping software add-in for Microsoft Excel. With BigPicture, you can create mind maps to organize thoughts and ideas, or create dynamic data maps from any type of spreadsheet data. You can even create automatic organizational charts from your personnel data. BigPicture is now available for download in beta!

For 30 years, Palisade software tools have been helping decision-makers gain powerful insights in their spreadsheets; now, BigPicture adds a new, visual diagramming platform to your decision-making toolbox. Get a sneak peek at BigPicture: our experts show off some of the most useful and fun features of this brand-new software.

Download the BigPicture Beta

Product Spotlight
Modeling Daily Electricity Demands
From Section 10 of Energy Risk Modeling by Roy Nersesian,
published by Palisade

The purpose of this section is to propose a method for modeling daytime demand, which arises from base demand. Once this model has been established, then the organization of utilizes are discussed focusing on deregulation or liberalization where utility customers are given a choice of buying electricity from the utility itself or from independent power producers (IPPs). The section ends with a demonstration of how to use @RISK to run a simulation to see the impact on the cost of electricity from the presence of IPPs using the model for daytime demand.

 » Download the example model and step-by-step instructions
 » More about @RISK  


An Introduction to BigPicture
Presented by: Michelle Jackson, Palisade
   22 Jan. - 5pm EST / 23 Jan. - 9am AEDT » Register Now
   23 Jan. - 12pm EST / 5pm GMT » Register Now
   28 Jan. - 10am EST / 3pm GMT » Register Now

Cost, Price, and Product Profitability: Using @RISK
to Enhance Strategic Decision-making

Presented by: Kurt Rinehart and Francisco J. Zagmutt, EpiX Analytics
   29 Jan. - 11am EST-Eastern US / 5pm CET   » Register Now

Introduction to Risk and Decision Analysis using
@RISK and the DecisionTools Suite

Presented by: Palisade
   12 Feb. - 11am CET-Central Europe / 5am EST   » Register Now
   12 March - 11am CET-Central Europe / 5am EST   » Register Now
   9 April - 11am CET-Central Europe / 5am EDT   » Register Now

Lessons from Oil and Chemical Case Studies: How to Build Accurate and Decision-Focused @RISK models
Presented by: Dr. Huybert Groenendaal
   26 Feb. - 11am EST-Eastern US / 5pm CET  » Register Now

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