Using @RISK to Improve Success of New Ventures at Australia’s Swinburne University of Technology

Using @RISK to Improve Success of
New Ventures at Australia’s Swinburne
University of Technology

In new ventures there is often very little known about the market that is to be exploited. There is no sales history and often no experience delivering the product or service in question. Sometimes it might not even be known if the product that is the centre of the business will work. Many of these unknowns can be resolved to some extent through market research and by trying less risky versions of technology before committing to a full blown venture.

However, the lack of business history is paramount. With no history, the suitability of a business model is hard to be sure of. A chosen business model might be overly sensitive to typical random fluctuations in the assumed parameters. Compound this with the above sources of ambiguity and it can be seen how the risk and uncertainty in new ventures is different from that of many other ventures.

It will always be the case that there are those unknown events that could propel a new venture into high levels of success. There will also be other unknowns that can kill a new venture. The economist Frank Knight called these factors “uncertainties” to distinguish them from “risks,” with which could be associated probabilities.

Until the sensitivity of a model to randomness is known, the business model itself is an uncertainty. This adds further difficulty to new venture management. Researchers Dr Clint Steele and Kourosh Dini of Australia’s Swinburne University of Technology decided to use Palisade’s @RISK software to resolve this issue. With Darcy Naunton of the Australian venture capital firm Adventure Capital they put this idea to the test. The plan: use @RISK to apply probabilistic design to a new venture.

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@RISK The defining feature of an entrepreneur is
      dealing with unknowns, and using @RISK
      allows an entrepreneur to really focus this
      skill on fewer unknowns.
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                        Clint Steele, Swinburne University of Technology

Teaching Tips & Examples

The DecisionTools Suite is a great way to present quantitative techniques in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way for students.

Modeling a Startup and Shutdown Option
Excerpted from Decision Making Under Uncertainty with
, by Wayne Winston, published by Palisade

This example is an extension of last month’s model where we valued a 10 year lease of a gold mine. In this month’s example, we are interested in the value of owning a gold mine over the next 20 years, where a mine owner would like to value the option of shutting down the mine (to save fixed operating costs) when the price of gold is low and reopening the mine when the price of gold increases. This example has the current price of gold set to $400 per ounce and the annual volatility is 30%. It costs $250 per ounce to extract an ounce of gold. In addition, a fixed cost of $1,000,000 is incurred each year the mine is open. After observing the price of gold for the year we may (for a cost of $1,500,000) shut down an open mine or (for a cost of $2,000,000) open a shut down mine. This example demonstrates how @RISK and RISKOptimizer can be used with real options theory to value this situation.

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Decision Analysis for Management Judgment, 4th Edition
By Paul Goodwin and George Wright

In an increasingly complex world, decision analysis has a major role to play in helping decision-makers to gain insights into the problems they face. Decision Analysis for Management Judgment is unique in its breadth of coverage of decision analysis methods. It covers both the psychological problems that are associated with unaided managerial decision making and the decision analysis methods designed to overcome them. It incorporates @RISK and PrecisionTree and its examples are presented and explained in a clear, straightforward manner without using mathematical notation.

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Featured White Paper

The DecisionTools Suite is part of complex analyses published in white papers.

Will clinical studies elucidate the
connection between the length of
storage of transfused red blood cells
and clinical outcomes?
Arturo Pereira, Transfusion, Volume 53, Issue 1, pp. 34-40.

The temporal pattern of the biologic mechanism linking red blood cell (RBC) storage duration with clinical outcomes is yet unknown. This study investigates how such a temporal pattern can affect the power of randomized controlled trials (RCT) to detect a relevant clinical outcome mediated by the transfusion of stored RBCs. An @RISK simulation of four RCTs, each using a specific categorization of the RBC storage time was observed, all of which had a very low power to disclose a harmful clinical effect confined to the last week of the maximum 42-day shelf life of stored RBS’s. The trial’s end-point was evaluated assuming five hypothetical temporal patterns for the biologic mechanism linking RBC storage duration with clinical outcomes. After analyzing the results the author concluded that ongoing RCTs may lack enough power to settle the issue of whether or not the transfusion of stored blood has a negative clinical impact. Therefore, a precautionary reduction of the maximum storage time to 35 days would be advisable.

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   Will clinical studies elucidate
   the connection between the
   length of storage of
   transfused red blood cells
   and clinical outcomes?

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