September 2006

Palisade customers attending the 2006  Palisade User Conference: Americas in  Miami, Nov. 13-14 will get the first-ever  look at the all-new @RISK 5.0 and its new  companion products in the DecisionTools® Suite, PrecisionTree® and TopRank®.

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Seminar Schedule
:: Regional Seminars
Risk and Decision Assessment Training using @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite
October 2-3, Ithaca

October 9-10, Baltimore
October 23-24, Columbus
November 6-7, San Jose

:: User Conference Americas
November 13-14, Miami

:: Live Web Training
Risk and Decision Assessment Training using @RISK, Part I
October 30-31

Risk and Decision Assessment Training using @RISK, Part II
November 2-3

Project Risk Assessment using @RISK for Project
October 5-6

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Ask Amy
Expert Answers to
Technical Questions

Dear Amy,

Is it possible to consider non-@RISK function cells as @RISK inputs for evaluation in the simulation sensitivity and scenario analysis?

— R.W.

Dear R.W.,

Yes. Any cell's value can be trapped as an @RISK sample by referencing the cell as an argument inside a "dummy" @RISK function. For example, let’s say you have data in cell A1 that you would like to evaluate.  In another cell, you could enter the formula =RiskNormal
(A1, 0).

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When @RISK simulates the model it will save the results of cell A1 as though it was an @RISK input. 

Because the standard deviation is zero there will be no additional sampling error due to the “dummy” RiskNormal.

See an example of this modeling tip in our Web KnowledgeBase.

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