Announcing Palisade Asia-Pacific

Local Service and Support from Sydney
Palisade, the world leader in risk and decision analysis software, is pleased to announce the opening of Palisade Asia-Pacific Pty Limited. Now Palisade customers in the Asia-Pacific region have a local Palisade presence to meet their sales and support needs. The new office is located in Milsons Point, NSW, Australia, just across the famous Harbour Bridge from downtown Sydney.

Global Presence
“The opening of Palisade Asia-Pacific expands on our burgeoning international sales and operations,” says Palisade President Sam McLafferty. He adds, “With our US headquarters, Palisade Europe, and now Palisade Asia-Pacific we can conveniently serve customers in more time zones than ever before.”

Full Service for a Growing Market
The new office will provide sales, order fulfillment, technical support, and training services to customers in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and other countries in the region.

Palisade has experienced strong demand for @RISK and other products in the region for many years. Additionally, Palisade has held public and onsite training seminars in Australia and New Zealand since 2003. “Our training customers are very pleased to hear about Palisade Asia-Pacific,” says Training Consultant Mark Meurisse, who is currently working in Sydney. He adds, “They see real value in having Palisade experts close at hand.”

Palisade Asia-Pacific Pty Limited
Suite 101, Level 1
8 Cliff Street
Milsons Point NSW 2061

Toll free in Australia 1 800 177 101
Outside Australia +61 2 9929 9799
Fax +61 2 9954 3882

Palisade Seminar Schedule

Introduction to Risk and Decision Assessment
Washington, DC
February 22 - 23
New York City

March 21 - 22
San Francisco
April 4 - 5
May 2 - 3

Intermediate/Advanced Risk Assessment
New York City
April 18 - 19

Project Risk Assessment Using @RISK for Project
Newport News, VA
March 21 - 22

Risk Assessment: Oil & Gas Focus
Houston, TX
March 7 - 9

Introducción a Evaluación de Riesgo y Análysis de Decisiones, en español
Mexico City
March 14 - 16

20th Anniversary Risk Short Course
(Free 3-hour Introduction to Risk Assessment)
Washington, DC
February 24
New York City
March 23
San Francisco
April 6

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Risk Analysis Tip

Estimating a Probability, Fraction or Prevalence
Risk analysis modeling often requires the estimation of the uncertainty distribution of a probability, fraction, or prevalence from historical data. For example, in insurance we need to estimate the probability of an automobile accident the next year, in marketing we like to know the market share of a product, or in epidemiology we like to estimate the prevalence of a certain disease.

There are several ways to estimate this probability, fraction or prevalence from historical data using classical statistics or Bayesian methods. Palisade’s ModelAssist for @RISK webpage has a new Risk Analysis Tip that provides one of the best techniques for estimating the uncertainty distribution. The description comes with a companion Excel file.

With over 500 risk analysis topics, videos, quizzes and over 140 example models, ModelAssist for @RISK is the most comprehensive risk analysis training and reference tool for @RISK users.

Bucknell uses PrecisionTree for Cable TV Decision

Bucknell University, a highly respected liberal arts college in central Pennsylvania, is now offering digital cable television service in all of its 1,700 residence rooms. Palisade’s PrecisionTree decision analysis tool was instrumental in Bucknell’s decision to build the network and deploy the service. The highly-anticipated cable television service, referred to as BU TV, consists of 57 channels of commercial programming and five international channels.

The Decision to use PrecisionTree
A decision analysis project led by Dr. Keith Willoughby and Associate Dean Christopher Zappe analyzed alternatives and identified the best cable television technology for Bucknell. The team used Palisade’s PrecisionTree software to model the possible options and the risks involved.

Communication Key to Acceptance
According to Dr. Willoughby “We investigated five distinct alternatives and incorporated a variety of costs and future outcomes.” He adds, “PrecisionTree’s graphical representations were quite valuable in communicating our modeling efforts to others. Administrators and staff members could observe the ranges over which particular alternatives were preferred.”

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