@RISK and IRIS Help London Underground

London Underground, known locally as "The Tube", is the oldest and possibly most famous underground railway in the world. With 275 stations, 253 miles of track, and over 3 million riders per day, The Tube is a complex and vital system with unique operational and risk challenges.

For risk management, London Underground uses IRIS® Risk Management Software from Istria Limited, a UK-based risk management consultancy and solution provider. IRIS provides London Underground with a comprehensive risk management method that links all risk related activities directly to the attainment of corporate goals. Palisade's @RISK is embedded into IRIS to provide an advanced simulation and analysis capability.

London Underground's use of IRIS and @RISK is documented in a recently published case study by Istria. According to London Underground's Tylaar Haran: "The combination of IRIS and @RISK is a powerful tool to support decisions on the feasibility of potential projects and to drive forward the identification and selection of options in complex, uncertain scenarios."

London Underground case study
Istria IRIS
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Intermediate/Advanced Risk Assessment Project Risk Assessment Using @RISK for Project
Sydney, NSW
13 - 14 January

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7 - 8 February
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2-Day Intensive Risk Assessment Seminar Risk Assessment:
Oil & Gas Focus
Toronto, ONT
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7 - 9 March
20th Anniversary Risk Short Course (Free 3-hour Intro to Risk Assessment) Introducción a Evaluación de Riesgo y Análysis de Decisiones, en español
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@RISK at Renaissance Reinsurance

Balancing billions of dollars in potential losses against premium revenue may sound like a high-wire act. For Renaissance Reinsurance, one of the key players in the reinsurance industry, it’s a manageable risk. Renaissance Re's success has been built on the modeling capabilities of Palisade’s @RISK.

Complex, Global Exposure
"We're a global insurer, and our customers are exposed to any number of different types of risk," says William Riker, Renaissance Re's President and a longtime @RISK user. "We have to think of our exposure in terms of clusters of liability. This makes for pretty complex contract structures." In addition, “We're looking at premium adjustment activity, loss distribution, and—of course—profit."

Thorough Analysis, in a Couple Hours
Mr. Riker has been using @RISK ever since he was first introduced to risk modeling and simulation in 1987 at an executive forum at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. Why does he continue to use @RISK? He answers, "With @RISK, you can build and test a model in two to three hours."

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Risk Short Courses a Hit

Palisade’s 20th Anniversary Risk Short courses have been an overwhelming success. In Chicago a second day of sessions were added to accommodate the demand. The Toronto session in November sold out.

Risk Short Courses are three hours of instruction on the fundamentals of risk and modeling under uncertainty. These sessions are offered free of charge by Palisade. So far, attendees from banking, pharmaceuticals, high tech, and chemicals industries as well as the government have benefited from the seminars.

Attendee Expectations Exceeded
According to Palisade Trainer Thompson Terry, “Attendees have been very enthusiastic with lots of challenging questions. Rather than uninterrupted lecture, the sessions have been full of interaction and interchange.”

Chris Young of Chicago had this to say about the Risk Short Course: “It was an informative session that successfully demonstrated the potential of your software package, without the presenters being pushy salesmen.” Houston Cheng of Toronto added, “The course exceeded my expectations. I was impressed by the amount of information that you were able to provide within the short timeframe.”

More Risk Short Courses in 2005
Future Short Courses are planned for Washington, DC in February and New York City in March. For more information or to register, visit http://www.palisade.com/training/

Future Short Courses are planned for Washington, DC, New York City, and Calgary. Sessions fill up quickly so register today.

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