Conference Testimonials

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2012 Palisade Risk Conference Las Vegas

Very impressive and good chance to link with colleagues.
Michael Pemberton, Operations Research Analyst, Pueblo Community College (ret.)

Learned several things I will be able to take back and directly use.
Bob Hess, Senior Principal Engineer, SRP

It was a great learning experience.
Amit Karkoon, Senior Product Manager, Symantec Corp

I have been exploring all the buttons in @RISK 6 and am very impressed with the capability.
Perry Cole, President, A&D Engineering PLLC

Great conference and very useful for a new user like myself. This saved me a lot of time in climbing the learning curve.
Jeff Passmore, Senior Liability Strategist, Standish/BNY Mellon

It was a great conference that was very well organized. The round tables were great. As always, I would highly recommend your conference to others. Lastly, @RISK 6.0 and the interface with MS Project is great.
Timothy J. Havranek, MBA, PMP, Manager - Business Solutions and Risk Management / Vice President Cardno Entrix

We saw and discussed methods that directly apply to our problems, and learned to build upon them to come up with solutions.
Michael Watson, PMP, Senior Staff Integrated Planning, Lockheed Martin

First class! One of the better seminars I have gone to. Excited about the possibilities.
Billy Kemp, Project Cost Engineer, Invista

Excellent conference. If there are numbers that vary, you should be here.
George Chiang, Independent Cost Analyst, Boeing Company

Great conference!
Huybert Groenendaal, Managing Partner, EpiX Analytics

My first Palisade conference. I'll be back.
Mark Krahn, Risk Management Consultant, Revay & Associates

It was an outstanding opportunity to update current knowledge about the software.
Dr. José Raúl Castro Esparza, BUAP

Conference was very useful to improve our integrated quality management system. Statistical, stochastic and other quantitative methods are used, at the organizational and project levels, to predict future quality and process performance.
Dr. Vladimir Savin, Chief EQ Engineer, EPAM Systems

Great conference!
Andre Lowe, Business Strategy Design, Intel Corporation


2012 Palisade Risk Conference Sydney

I found the conference very useful to understand the trends and advances in risk analysis and Palisade software. I also met colleagues with similar interests who I expect to meet again.
Fernando Gaggero, Principal Consultant, Director, River Plate Projects Pty Ltd

It was by far the best industry based conference I have attended for a very long time, as it delivered value right through the 2 days.

In particular, I very much appreciated the way that each of the presenters were able to provide a deep dive into the software in a very accessible manner using a variety of application cases. It’s one thing to have a technically brilliant operator but it’s quite something else to have one who can communicate across all levels as well. This was a highlight of the conference.

Intelligent decision-making is more than a consensus of opinion if a company is to compete successfully. The huge range of opportunities presented by Palisade’s experts in such an accessible manner showed how easily achievable this is.
Rod Howes, Six Sigma Australia

2012 Palisade Risk Conference London

cAnother great conference - well done! It's always a stimulating and thought-provoking experience, and great hospitality.
Michael Brand, Captum Capital

The Unilever keynote and rollout story brought together a very relevant and current business issue with the tools and techniques. Also very informative on best practice.
Andrew Poole, Consultant

The conference provided me with food for thought in order to provide better solutions to prospects and clients.
J. Rouaud, Marsh S.A.

2011 Palisade Risk Conference Las Vegas

The conference far exceeded my expectations. I walked away from almost every case study and software presentation with little bits of insight that I’ve already begun using to enhance my own models.
Dave McAdam, Business Development Manager, Global R&D, Novelis

The conference was very good and quite comprehensive.
James Behel, Director of Business Graduate Studies, Professor, Harding University

I really enjoyed the opening sessions.
Andre Lowe, New Venture Manager, Intel

The Las Vegas conference was great and I brought back many new ideas and insights on how to solve my company’s challenges!
Rafael Fernando Hartke, Risk Analyst, Petrobras

I got many ideas of how to apply stochastic modeling in ways I’d never even thought of.
John Dubé, Program Manager, Robert Half International

I came away from the conference very satisfied. The conference empowered me with future skill sets, allowed me to observe how other companies are using the tools, and I even made some very valuable contacts.
Ron Webster, Senior Financial Risk Analyst, Eastman Chemical Company

Excellent conference. Congratulations on your company!
Ghislain Giroux Dufort, Baldwin Risk Strategies

Strongest slate of presenters yet!
Jay O’Connor, Turner & Townsend

Great conference. As a new user of @RISK, the conference was an eye-opener on the tool, the value it provides, and how to make use of it. Also learning more about the use of risk management practices was helpful. Thank you!
Raj Gantla, Robert Half International

2011 Palisade Risk Conference Amsterdam

The conference provided me with food for thought in order to provide better solutions to prospects and clients.
J. Rouaud, Marsh S.A.

Excellent conference on a topic which is insufficiently addressed in a lot of project, program, and portfolio environments. The more you learn about this topic, the more you know we have only just begun…
Murat Ulu, Dogan Holding Energy Group

Many thanks - Very successful event!
Anton Zandhuis, Threon

Conference was very well organized. @RISK is a very powerful and easy handling software.
Lionel Clement, Transae

Very useful and relevant conference. A good balance between theory and application.
Hans Schjaer-Jacobsen, Copenhagen University College of Engineering

Another great conference - well done! It's always a simulating and throught-provoking experience, and great hospitality.
Michael Brand, Captum Capital

A very interesting event with many opportunities to talk with risk practitioners and customers. Excellent venue.
Peter Wood, Peter Wood Associates

2010 Palisade Risk Conference London

It is beneficial to meet with other companies that are using @RISK and the knowledge sharing is invaluable.
Gokce Citak, Enerjisa Group

The Unilever keynote and rollout story brought together a very relevant and current business issue with the tools and techniques. Also very informative on best practice.
Andrew Poole, Consultant

Favourite session was “Real Options Modelling” by Michael Rees. This is one of the clearest explanations of a complex subject that I have ever heard.
Dr. Michael Brand, Captum

2010 Health Risk Analysis Forum

@RISK is a valuable tool for operations and strategic development in biopharmaceuticals.
Michael Huston, Huston Associates, LLC

Good location, good speakers. The event was perfect.
Frank Walavalkar, LPL Financial

Gordon Norman’s presentation was topical, complete and easy to understand and follow.
Rich Mutell, DaVita Clinical Research

Overall, the Forum was very good…Presenter Svetlana Sigalova of Vertex Pharmaceuticals was very on topic and knowledgeable
Michael Huston, Huston Associates. LLC

I gained new insights from the conference that I can use in my work.
Antonio Gibson, Mutual of Omaha Bank

2009 NYC Risk Analysis Conference

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. Great people showed up and I have to admit, I was surprised many people from all corners of the world were there!
Thomas G. Gasparetti, Manager, Project Controls, Engineering, Site Services, Sanofi Pasteur

The conference was well run . . . Andrea Dickens’s session was interactive and important.
Andy Sleeper, Successful Statistics

Both Unilever presentations were my favorites. Very practiced. Frame breaking. Great content . . . Great conference overall.
Ed Biernat, Consulting with Impact

The RISKOptimizer session was precise, logical, and useful. The keynote was highly informative. The conference was very informative and I am determined to attend in the future.
2009 conference delegate

I appreciated the networking opportunity with other @RISK users . . . All Michael Rees' sessions as well as Javier Ordóñez’s and Erik Westwig’s were my favorites.
Alain Paul Martin, Chief Architect, Harvard University Global Systems

The keynotes, case studies and the informative introductory sessions to the specific Palisade analytic software and its many diverse applications were extraordinarily well done. I gleaned a lot from this conference that has taken me time to process fully. The applications within healthcare and biomedical research appear to be a 'no-brainer', for facilitating more efficient and effective movement of various discoveries and innovations forward.
Suzanne B. Schwartz, M.D., Assistant Professor of Surgery, Weill Medical College of Cornell

I enjoyed meeting the Palisade staff at last week's conference in Jersey City. I found the sessions both interesting and helpful.
David Koegel, David Koegel Associates, Inc.

It was great to attend the Conference, and get to meet the Palisade team. I was very impressed with your product, staff knowledge, and by the conference in general. Congratulations to all of you for putting up a superb event!
Opoku Archampong, Actuarial Services, Geisinger Health System

Introduction to DecisionTools Suite 5.5 was my favorite. Erik Westwig explained each component’s objectives and value-added features in a very enjoyable and informative manner.
Doris Main, BIC Corporation

The conference was informative and interesting and the place was beautiful and convenient. It was a very successful conference. I wish I could have attended more sessions
Opoku Archampong, Actuarial Services, Geisinger Health System

2009 Summer Risk Congress

I dare say that with the new version of @RISK and the other components of the DecisionTools Suite my dreams come true. But we never know, with Palisade, the next is the best so let’s wait and see.
Alain Koutouan, IRCEM

The last session with Best Practice Principles for Modelling in Excel and @RISK should be a must!
Henri Grunder, Munich Health (Munich Re Group)

I was surprised to see the potential of the DecisionTools Suite that I was not aware of and I am very happy with the changes in @RISK 5.5 that are likely to speed up my work considerably. I can't wait to start working with it.
Hein van Lieverloo, Viaeterna (

2008 Risk & Decision Analysis Conference

Outstanding event! Thank you.
Joseph A. Yacura, Supply Chain Management, LLC

I found the conference quite informative and filled with useful information that I can incorporate into my classes immediately.
Robert Nydick, Villanova University

Palisade is leading the way with tools and expertise to enable risk managers across all industries.
Robert Lake, Cisco Systems

Ed Biernat’s Six Sigma presentation was absolutely dynamic. Basil Strumborg’s British Hydro case study was an excellent discussion of process to elucidate probability distribution functions from subject matter experts. The facility was outstanding.
Thomas Burke, Deloitte Consulting

The conference staff was very helpful, and the participants I met were very interesting.
Peter Eppel, Remsen Strategy Consulting Group


2007 User Conference North America

I loved Thompson Terry’s presentation. Thanks again for the effort your presentation reflected!
Anthony Broskowski, Pareto Solutions

I really enjoyed the conference. It was very informative and I learned a lot. The hotel and room were excellent. The location on Miami Beach was great. Thank you for setting it up.
Frank S. McGowan, Senior Economist, BC Hydro

I had a great time at the conference. I particularly enjoyed meeting all of the attendees and networking with them. I’m looking forward to reviewing and sharing the presentation materials with everyone here at CIPCO.
Chad Herrick, Central Iowa Power Corp.

I enjoyed the sessions and opportunities to learn how other users are using @RISK software.
Ching Guey, Florida Power & Light

Many thanks indeed for the well organized conference. I truly enjoyed it.
John Zhao, Suncor Energy Services, Inc.

I really enjoyed the experience of attending the conference, presenting my paper, and interacting with many attendees.
Kimbal Curtis, Department of Agriculture Western Australia

It was my pleasure to participate. I found the proceedings to be of great interest, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting the participants and the many Palisade staff. Thanks for putting on such an interesting and relevant event.
William Strauss, FutureMetrics, LLC

I just wanted to quickly follow up with you about how much I enjoyed the user’s conference. I really enjoyed it and felt is was very well put together. As someone who attended this on their own budget (and not on a corporate spending allowance), I really felt that I got my money’s worth. I felt like the amount of money Palisade spent on me (meals, handouts, etc.) as an attendee was greater than the conference fee, not to mention the intrinsic value of the presentations, networking, and hands-on-training!
William Portwood

Thanks to you and the [Palisade] team. I found the conference to be worthwhile, and I am sure someone from our company will [return next year].
Alfred DuPuy, Executive Director, Design Forum, Inc.


2007 User Conference Asia Pacific

The user conference was excellent.  Keep up the good work!
Tony Gibson, Gibson Consultants

The session ‘Building a Better Process to Support Executive Decision Making’ by Jay Horton was interesting and well-presented.
Michael Henson, Forest NSW

The conference was excellent and well done.  Facilities and facilitators are excellent.
User Conference Attendee

The session on health risk assessment in the water industry by David Roser was a fascinating application and engaging presentation.  The conference was a great opportunity to find out about other applications of Palisade tools and meet other risk assessment professionals.
Jerry Ball, Entity Group Limited

The hands-on training from Palisade’s Rishi Prabhakar was a good overview.  The case study on wool production using @RISK by Kimbal Curtis was an excellent presentation covering inputs and uncertainty very well.  The facilities were excellent.  Overall I enjoyed the conference and it was well worth the time and cost to travel.
Michael Russell, BlueScope Steel

The conference has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for risk modelling and our company’s use of @RISK.
Michael Churchill, Capital Value, Pty Ltd

The session on selecting the right distribution was interesting and provided me direction for future @RISK use.
User Conference Attendee


2007 User Conference Europe

My favourite session was hands-on Introduction to @RISK 5.0.  The Trinity House facility was very good.  I would recommend this conference to my colleagues.
Ali Sisan, TWI Ltd

I enjoyed all of the hands-on sessions, and I gained new insights from the conference that I can use in my work.
Ujjwal Bharadwaj, TWI Ltd

The presentation on Selecting the Right Distribution was great.
Peter Sáling, MOL Group, Hungarian Oil & Gas

The presentation on Combining the Complexity of Reality and the Simplicity of Models was thought-provoking, entertaining, useful, and inspirational!  The Introductions to PrecisionTree 5.0 and NeuralTools were also useful and well-presented.  I was also impressed by the building – good surroundings for learning.
Neil Nixon, Royal Veterinary College

Thank you very much for the perfectly organized Palisade conference held in London. I got an interesting overall overview about risk management based on well-experienced presenters. The conference was a helpful mixture of case studies, software presentations and discussions to cover the difficulties and advantages of risk management.
Dr. Tilo Nemuth, Bilfinger Berger Nigeria GmbH

En primer lugar gracias por la acogida en el evento. Te doy mi más sincera enhorabuena por la calidad y la trasmisión de una excelente imagen de Palisade. He estado en muchos eventos de estas categorías y en verdad el vuestro ha sido de muy alto nivel.
Arturo Gayoso, Soluziona (Spain)

First of all thanks for your welcome. I congratulate you for the quality of the event and the transmission of an excellent image of Palisade. I’ve attended many similar events and, I can certainly say, Palisade’s has been a top level one.
Arturo Gayoso, Soluziona (Spain)

Just a very quick word of thanks for inviting me to the Users Conference, which was excellent. I found it very thought provoking and learned a lot from the different speakers.
Dr. Michael Brand, Captum Capital Limited


2006 User Conference Americas

Excellent! The conference has been the opportunity to meet other users and build a ‘user network.’  As far as I’m concerned, I’m ready to acquire and use the whole Palisade package because it can meet most parts of my business issues.
Alain Koutouan, AXA RE

One of the best conferences I have attended.  There was so much relevant content in the various sessions that I wish I could have attended more.  The overview on @RISK 5.0 was a great starter to Day 2.  Looking forward to using the application.
User Conference Participant

Overall, great conference!  I liked the variety of topics discussed.  Will definitely be able to take some of the sessions/discussions and apply it to work.
Robert Engle, Brinker International, Inc.

I enjoyed all sessions that I attended. Fine facility.
Clay Graham, Chaos Group, Inc.

I attended many of the hands-on training and software presentations and found them very informative.  I really appreciated all that Palisade did to make the users conference informative and enjoyable.
User Conference Participant

Hands-on training was well presented; good examples; presenters knew product well.
Sharon McKay, WorleyParsons Komek

Major Wong – he was a great presenter; his content was very interesting and kept us intrigued.  The ‘Baseball Session’ was great too, very interesting.
User Conference Participant

The NeuralTools session was simply excellent. It was a very interesting topic.
Roberto Marin A., Banco Nacional de Costa Rica

The staff from Palisade is very nice. Great people.
Carlos Vecino, Universitad Industrial de Santander

Nice and friendly staff.
Eugene Nirenberg, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. Group

Very nicely done. Excellent location and facility. I really benefitted from attending.
User Conference Participant

The facility was great.  Some of the networking with others was also valuable.
User Conference Participant

The facility was very nice. I enjoyed the beverages and food.
User Conference Participant

Nice place, good facilities, great food, gracious staff. Good choice of location. Good job!
User Conference Participant

Ritz Carlton was first class!
Mark Harrison, Partnerships British Columbia


2006 User Conference Europe

The Palisade Conference was the perfect opportunity for risk professionals from across Europe to come together and discuss best practice in the risk analysis field. The presentations and Q&A sessions were very informative, and the case studies were particularly insightful. A very successful event that I hope to attend again in the future.
Paul Wilmott, Author and founder of WILMOTT Magazine

The Conference was professionally organised and exceeded my expectations - A great opportunity to meet industry risk experts, exchange ideas, make new contacts and question the @RISK developers - we'll be coming again!
Tim Wells, Senior Coastal Scientist, Halcrow Group Ltd

The Palisade conference was a great opportunity to meet both experts from other industries and risk analyst professionals. I gained new insights both from presentations as well as discussions. The conference was very well managed and the schedule was well balanced to allow time for presentations, software Q&A sessions, and informal discussions. Overall, the conference was indeed useful and enjoyable.
Joerg Guenther, IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG

I found the Palisade conference quite useful - especially because it brought together experts, both from academia and across various industries to discuss fundamental areas in risk. The work shops were well organised and gave us a chance to get a closer look at strengths of the Palisade software.
Amar Dhayatker, Head of Planning and Forecasting Risk, GE Money Home Lending UK

I have found the 1st European Palisade User Conference in London one of the most rewarding conferences I have attended. The mix between practitioners, developers and theoreticians such as Paul Wilmott and David Vose were outstanding. I particular liked the relaxed atmosphere and focused objectives of the conference. All in all a conference I definitely would attend again in the future.
Kim Bang Salling, The Technical University of Denmark


2006 User Conference Asia-Pacific

Congratulations on the conference. I thought it went really well.
Clint Steele, Ph.D., CJSteele Uncertainty Management

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and will strive to be one of the first to register next year. I found it very interesting and informative to see the approaches used by others.
Kimbal Curtis, Senior Research Officer, Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia

I would also like to congratulate Palisade for putting together such an informative and worthwhile list of demonstrations and presentations. I will definitely look forward to future conferences as it was an invaluable experience seeing how the application could be used, and how it was being used by the many participants and presenters.
Phil Morton, Senior Analyst, Westpac Institutional Bank

Just a very quick word of thanks for inviting me to the Users Conference, which was excellent. I found it very thought provoking and learned a lot from the different speakers.
Dr. Michael Brand, Captum Capital Limited


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