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Decision Trees in Microsoft Excel

Visual Decision Analysis in Your Spreadsheet

PrecisionTree’s graphical representations were quite valuable in communicating our modeling efforts to others.

Dr. Keith Willoughby
Program Manager, Bucknell University

What we needed was a set of practical, comprehensive, broadly applicable tools... I think we have that now, and PrecisionTree is really key components in that set of tools.

Dr. Douglas Armstrong
Actuarial Analyst, World Conservation Union

Its attraction is its capacity to value complex decisions, which often involve multiple, sequential decision steps

Bob Hunt
Associate Director for Investment Analysis, Procter & Gamble

Select the Best Option with Confidence, using PrecisionTree

PrecisionTree helps address complex, sequential decisions by visually mapping out, organizing, and analyzing decisions using decision trees – right in Microsoft Excel. Decision trees are quantitative diagrams with nodes and branches representing different possible decision paths and chance events. This helps you identify and calculate the value of all possible alternatives, so you can choose the best option with confidence.


Honestly, you guys have the best user interface of all the tree software I’ve seen.

Matthew L. Franklin
Lead Decision Analyst/Engineer, Chevron
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With PrecisionTree, you’ll see the payoff and probability of each possible path through a tree. PrecisionTree functions may be added to any cell in a spreadsheet and can include arguments that are cell references and expressions - allowing great flexibility in defining decision models. PrecisionTree determines the best decision to make at each decision node and marks the branch for that decision TRUE. Once your decision tree is complete, PrecisionTree’s decision analysis creates a full statistics report on the best decision to make and its comparison with alternative decisions. PrecisionTree can create a Risk Profile graph that compares the payoffs and risk of different decision options. It displays probability and cumulative charts showing the probabilities of different outcomes and of an outcome less than or equal to a certain value.

  • Works with Microsoft Excel Models
  • Visually Map out Decisions
  • See All Possible Paths and Chance Events
  • Choose the Best Option with Confidence
  • Communicate Decision Paths to Others

How PrecisionTree Is Used

PrecisionTree helps make decisions for all kinds of applications, including:

  • Resource Management
  • Portfolio Selection
  • Real Options Analysis
  • Exploration and Production

Customer Success Stories

Learn how PrecisionTree has helped analysts and executives improve decision making.

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London Business School/ Novartis Pharmaceutical
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Aspinall & Associates
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Product Resources

Explore examples and tutorials on how to make PrecisionTree work best for you.

Features To Meet Your Needs

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Decision Trees

PrecisionTree allows you to visually understand a decision, identify best options, and communicate results to others. You’ll see the payoff and probability of each possible path through a tree.

100% Excel Integration

With PrecisionTree, you never leave your spreadsheet, allowing you to work in a familiar environment, and get up to speed quickly.

Full Statistics Reports and Graphs

See results in Risk Profile graphs, sensitivity, tornado, or spider graphs, Policy Suggestion reports, and strategy-region graphs.

Bayesian Revision

“Flip” one or more chance nodes to show probabilities calculated using Bayes’ Rule. This is valuable when the probabilities of a model are not available in a directly useful form. For example: You need to know the probability of an outcome occurring given the results of a particular test. The test’s accuracy may be known, but the only way to determine the probability you seek is to “reverse” a traditional tree using Bayes Rule.

Advanced Features

Set up your decision tree exactly as you need it with logic nodes, reference nodes, linked trees, custom utility functions, and influence diagrams.

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Save Over 50% When You Buy The DecisionTools Suite

The DecisionTools Suite

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