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Six Sigma Webinar Features Bausch & Lomb's Jeff Slutsky

21 July 2008, Ithaca, NY - Six Sigma practitioners—and especially DFSS devotees—will have an opportunity to gain insight on Design for Six Sigma product development from Jeff Slutsky, Global Director of DFSS at Bausch & Lomb.  His Palisade webinar—the most recent in Palisade’s regular series of webinars where users demonstrate how Palisade software can be applied to different industries—is scheduled for Thursday, July 24, 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon EST.  Like Palisade’s other offerings in the series, this event is free and open to everyone.

The July 24 seminar will be based on Mr. Slutsky’s work with Palisade’s @RISK.  For many consultants and trainers, @RISK has become the tool of choice for Monte Carlo simulation.
Mr. Slutsky has designed his webinar for product development engineers, quality engineers, and technical project managers.  He will guide attendees through the fundamental steps of the Design and Optimize phases of a Design for Six Sigma product development effort. The steps involve
• Modeling a physical system using a designed experiment
• Monte Carlo simulation of the model to achieve the required system performance
• Estimation of system sensitivity and capability.  
As global director of DFSS for Bausch & Lomb, Mr. Slutsky is responsible for successful worldwide deployment of DFSS on all appropriate Bausch & Lomb product development efforts. He has trained and certified over 1000 DFSS Green, Black and Master Black Belts.  He has worked in Korea, Germany, France, England, the U.S., and Malaysia with dozens of companies including 3M, Samsung, Maytag, Hoover, Westinghouse Air Brake, Trane Air Conditioning, Becton-Dickinson, Cummins Engine and StorageTek.
His expertise includes corporate deployment of DFSS, new product development process re-engineering, integration of DFSS with product development processes, systems engineering and FDA/ISO design control, gate keeping and the DFSS tools including stakeholder analysis, quality function deployment, measurement system analysis, design of experiments and robust design.
He gained this expertise as former CEO of Product Development Systems and Solutions (PDSS), Inc., worldwide DFSS/product development consultant for Sigma Breakthrough Technologies (SBTI), Inc., a control systems designer, a current product/manufacturing engineer, and senior systems development engineer for Eastman Kodak and Johnson & Johnson Health Care. He has spent twenty-five years in medical products development.
Jeff Slutsky is an adjunct professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Robust Design, Product and Production Systems Development, and System Engineering. He is co-author of the Prentice Hall text, Design for Six Sigma in Technology and Product Development.

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