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Customized software solutions for risk and decision analysis

A heat map was created in a PCR application designed to gauge the probability and severity of different risks occurring in project planning.

Risk Modeling That Fits Your Needs

Businesses in every industry face uncertainty. With Palisade Custom Development, you don’t need to be a statistician to plan for risk and uncertainty – you simply need to know your business. Experts from Palisade will work with you to build straightforward solutions that address your needs, letting you focus on your business.

Standardized Decision-Making That Saves Time

Not everyone who faces uncertainty is a modeler or statistician. Sometimes risk analysis needs to be applied to a core process – like financial portfolio calculation, project cost estimation, or oil reserves forecasting – in a standardized and reproducible way.

Palisade Custom Development brings technical experts to your department, working with you to build a custom-designed solution integrating @RISK and other DecisionTools technology. Working with your existing models or models created by Palisade experts, our team will tailor the interface, automation, logic, and reporting, all to your needs. Professionals across your organization can then apply the power of Palisade technology to their critical processes – without worrying about the calculations in the background, and without having to learn new software.

Work Where You Want - In Excel, the Web, or any Windows Environment

Palisade can write custom solutions that run in Excel, integrated with powerful spreadsheet models you write or we design for you. Or, Palisade offers Palisade Custom Runtime (PCR) for custom applications outside the spreadsheet environment, such as over the web, a corporate network, or desktop Windows systems. PCR is a programming toolkit for adding the power of @RISK and DecisionTools functionality to any Windows application.

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Contact Us for Any Analytical Need

Palisade Custom Development has written risk and decision analytics for clients separately from our existing software technologies. We can customize any analytical solution to meet your needs.

Call today and we can start helping you spec out a risk analysis solution designed for your needs.

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