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Introduction to Risk Analysis using @RISK (English)
Presenter: Michelle Jackson, Palisade Corporation

Introducción al análysis de riesgo con @RISK (Spanish)
Presenter: Luis Ywama, Palisade Corporation

Introdução à Análise de Riscos e Decisões Utilizando o @RISK e o DecisionTools Suite (Portuguese)
Presenters: Carolina Zanetta, Palisade Corporation, and Rafael Hartke, Imagine Risks&Analytics

Einführung zur Risiko- & Entscheidungsanalyse mit @RISK und der DecisionTools Suite (German)
Presenter: Sascha Stange, Palisade Corporation

介绍如何使用 @RISK 进行风险分析 (Chinese)
Presenter: Freeman LIU, Palisade Corporation

Introduction to Risk and Decision Analysis using the DecisionTools Suite

This event is designed to provide an entry-level introduction into probabilistic analysis and will show how Monte Carlo simulation and other techniques can be applied to your everyday business analyses. If you build models in Excel then Palisade solutions can almost certainly help you to make more informed decisions, right from your desktop. @RISK and the other tools in the DecisionTools Suite enhance the decision making capabilities of some of the world’s most successful companies.

Presenter: Michelle Jackson, Palisade Corporation

Introduction to Risk Analysis using @RISK (Oil and Gas Focus)

In this session, we will look at some common applications of @RISK within the oil and gas industry, using a selection of simple-but powerful example models.

Presenters: Rafael Hartke and Michelle Jackson, Palisade Corporation

Handy Tips for Using @RISK

In this webinar, we wil explore tips for using @RISK for the beginner and experienced user alike to help you get the most out of @RISK with minimal effort.

Presenters: Rishi Prabhakar, Palisade Corporation

@RISK and PrecisionTree - Enhanced Decision Trees with Monte Carlo Simulation

This webinar is an introduction to decision trees in PrecisionTree along with probabilistic analysis using Monte Carlo simulation in @RISK, to demonstrate how these two programs can be applied to your everyday business analyses within Microsoft Excel.

Presenters: Rishi Prabhakar, Palisade Corporation

@RISK in Engineering: Quality and Reliability

In this session, we will look at several engineering models and some common applications of @RISK engineering, using tolerance stack-up, process variation, stochastic process, safety risk analysis, and more.

Presenters: Andre Kleyner, Delphi Electronics & Safety

Which Distribution Should I Choose in @RISK?

Which distribution should you use to represent uncertain values in your spreadsheet model? This webinar provides an introduction to probabilistic analysis and Monte Carlo simulation right in your Excel spreadsheet using @RISK, demonstrating techniques that can be used for choosing a distribution to represent uncertain variables.

Presenter: Michelle Jackson, Palisade Corporation

@RISK Correlation and Copulas: Gaining Insights into your Inputs

Gain additional insight into setting up and evaluating your risk analysis models in Excel, using @RISK. Learn how to incorporate correlation into your @RISK model to show how your input variables relate to one another while becoming familiar with basic concepts and terminology.

Presenter: Michelle Jackson, Palisade Corporation

@RISK Tornado Graphs and Sensitivity Analysis: Gaining Insights into your Models

Explore @RISK for Excel's tornado graphs and spider charts to learn how they can be used as a tool to help make more informed decisions.

Presenter: Michelle Jackson, Palisade Corporation

Why Don't They Understand? Communicating Risk and Reliability to Decision Makers

This presentation provides tips, pointers, and lessons learned to help communicate concepts and solutions related to risk and reliability, which is often cited by professionals as the most challenging and overlooked aspect of their work. The use of Palisade's DecisionTools Suite is highlighted.

Presenter: JD Solomon, CH2M

Introduction to Project Risk Management using @RISK

The aim of this seminar is to provide a basic understanding of how @RISK for Project Management can help you manage uncertainty in your Microsoft Project schedules.

Presenter: Michelle Jackson, Palisade Corporation


Comprehensive Project Planning

The goal of this webinar is to emphasize the importance of decision making in light of simulation results which would be very different if compared to deterministic data alone.

Presenter: Eddie Rojas, Woodward

Cost Estimation using @RISK

In this webinar, we explore a basic Cost Estimation model to get you started in @RISK for Excel. Cost Estimation questions that can be addressed with @RISK include: What is the probability we will finish within budget? How much contingency should we have to be 80% confident that we will have enough money? Where should we focus our mitigation techniques to help minimize cost?

Presenter: Michelle Jackson, Palisade Corporation

Rocking Optimization with RISKOptimizer - Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Elevate the decision making process for your toughest business decision problems by marrying Monte Carlo simulation to optimization with RISKOptimizer, a.k.a. "optimization under uncertainty."

Presenter: Michelle Jackson, Palisade Corporation

Risk Register Focus: Introduction to Risk Analysis using @RISK

If you currently build cost estimate models or risk registers in Excel, this introduction to probabilistic risk analysis will show you how simple it is to add Monte Carlo simulation and other techniques into your models, using @RISK.

Presenter: Doug Oldfield, Palisade Corporation

Generating Combined Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis using @RISK

Go beyond the basics of defining cost and schedule in terms of baseline, uncertainty, and risk. We take the audience through the aggregation of cost and schedule Monte Carlo analysis in @RISK, to consider the combined cost and schedule risk analysis.

Presenter: Dale Shermon, QinetiQ

Project and Pipeline Valuation and Optimization with The DecisionTools Suite

Explore the basics of project and product valuation within the context of a larger pipeline. Uncertainty relating to cost, escalation over time, and unexpected delays are modeled.

Presenter: Dave Bristol, Palisade Corporation

Integrating Renewables with Electricity Storage, with @RISK

How do we insure a reliable energy supply? Roy Nersesian models the complexities of this problem – and demonstrates solutions – using @RISK for Excel.

Presenter: Roy L. Nersesian, Monmouth University

What's New in @RISK and DecisionTools Suite 7.5

Learn about key new features in @RISK 7.5 and DecisionTools Suite 7.5, including new and improved Tornado Graphs in @RISK, faster optimization with RISKOptimizer, and over 20 new @RISK functions.

Presenter: Michelle Jackson, Palisade Corporation

Introduction to BigPicture

Learn about BigPicture, Palisade’s mind mapping, diagramming, and data visualization add-in for Microsoft Excel.

Presenter: Robin Holloway, Palisade Corporation

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