Mainstream Support Ending for @RISK and DecisionTools Suite 5.x: Upgrade Today

Mainstream Support will end on December 31, 2015, for versions 5.x of The DecisionTools Suite, @RISK for Excel (including RISKOptimizer), Evolver, NeuralTools, PrecisionTree, StatTools, and TopRank. Only Extended Support will be available for those products after that date. (Mainstream support is also unavailable for earlier versions of Palisade software.)

Extended Support means that you are no longer able to get complimentary assistance with moving licenses, replacing or reinstalling licenses, activating software, resolving error messages, or other technical issues unless you have a current maintenance plan.

If you do not have a current maintenance plan, Palisade continues to provide an automated system for activating and deactivating the products listed above, including the ability to periodically move a license to a new computer. This automated system is available at no charge to all users, regardless of maintenance status. Use License Activation in the software’s Help menu to perform automatic deactivations and activations. If automatic operations fail, use the Web script at to complete manual deactivations and activations.

The Palisade online technical support knowledge base and our LinkedIn forum also remain open and active sources of support.

If you need personalized assistance from Palisade for license support or any other technical issues, and you do not have a current maintenance contract, a charge will apply. If you buy an upgrade to the current version of your software within 30 days, we will deduct any technical support fee from the cost of your upgrade.

If you have a paid-up maintenance plan, complimentary technical support will remain available to you throughout the duration of your plan. In addition, as part of your maintenance plan, you are entitled to upgrade to the current version of your software at no charge.

Upgrade Now and Maintain Support

You can maintain support for your @RISK and DecisionTools software by upgrading to the latest version now. When you upgrade, you receive a full 12 months of maintenance included. That means you will be entitled to unlimited technical support as well as all updates and upgrades that are released during that time.

» Learn more about the latest versions of @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite

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