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Beyond Basic Statistics in Excel

Advanced Statistical Analysis and Forecasting

Part of the DecisionTools Suite

My students are delighted with StatTools. They find it easy to learn and easy to use.

Dr. Jack Yurkiewicz
Lubin School of Business, Pace University

StatTools does the time series autocorrelation in a user-friendly way that is quick and easy. You know you got it right the first time…StatTools did what I needed without the time and expense of a heavy-duty stats package.

Barbara Tawney
Healthcare Industry Consultant, Richmond Hospital

A New Statistics and Forecasting Toolset for your Spreadsheet

StatTools covers commonly used statistical procedures, and offers the capability to add new, custom analyses to Microsoft Excel. The accuracy of Excel’s built-in statistics calculations has often been questioned, so StatTools doesn’t use them. All StatTools functions are true Excel functions, and behave exactly as native Excel functions do. Over 30 wide-ranging statistical procedures plus 9 built-in data utilities include forecasts, time series, descriptive statistics, normality tests, group comparisons, correlation, regression analysis, quality control, nonparametric tests, and more.

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Pace University

We wanted a statistical analysis package that worked in Excel. StatTools fits the bill and provides robust and accurate analysis.

Dr. Jack Yurkiewicz
Lubin School of Business, Pace University
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First, define your data in StatTools. Then, perform any of over 30 different types of analysis on your data set, depending on your situation. StatTools provides a comprehensive and intuitive data set and variable manager right in Excel. Data sets and variables can reside in different workbooks, allowing you to organize your data as you see fit. Run statistical analyses that refer to your variables, instead of re-selecting your data over and over again in Excel. Plus, you can define variables that span multiple worksheets. Once your data sets have been defined, choose a procedure from the StatTools menu or write your own, custom procedure.

  • Works with Microsoft Excel
  • Statistics calculations update automatically between dataset and reports
  • View multiple scatter plots between variables in a single report
  • A comprehensive and intuitive data set and variable manager
  • Goes beyond the basics provided by Excel

How StatTools Is Used

StatTools enables endless applications, including:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Portfolio management
  • New product analysis
  • Polling and strategic planning
  • Draft picks and odds setting

Customer Success Stories

Learn how StatTools has helped decision makers make informed predictions.

Pace University
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Richmond Hospital System
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Curtin University of Technology
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Product Resources

Explore examples and tutorials on how to make StatTools work best for you.

Features To Meet Your Needs

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New statistics in Excel

StatTools replaces questionable Excel functions and performs wide range of analyses.

Custom Statistical Procedures

Build your own procedures in Excel, plus full customization of all StatTools reports.

Live Updating When Input Data Changes

With StatTools, your statistical reports and charts always reflect latest data

Intelligent Data Management

StatTools allows for quick definition of data sets and management of multiple data sets.

Capacity For Large Data Sets

StatTools Industrial has no limits on amount of data to analyze. (The Professional edition provides 10,000 data points per variable.).

Included with The DecisionTools Suite

Included with The DecisionTools Suite

The DecisionTools Suite

The complete risk and decision analysis toolkit, including @RISK, PrecisionTree, TopRank, NeuralTools, StatTools, Evolver, RISKOptimizer.

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