Licensing Options

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Palisade offers a variety of commercial licensing options to meet your needs.

Desktop Licenses

Desktop licenses (also called standalone licenses) are for dedicated use by a single user on a single computer. They are great for busy decision-makers who can’t afford not to have @RISK or the DecisionTools Suite available whenever they need it, and who only use a single computer.

  • Desktop licenses:

    • Allow only a single user
    • May be installed on only a single computer
    • Each have a unique serial number
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Concurrent Network Licenses

Concurrent network licenses are much more flexible. With a concurrent network license, a certain number of “seats” are available to an infinite number of users. That is, you may install @RISK or the DecisionTools Suite on an unlimited number of client computers. The restriction is placed on the number of users who can run @RISK or the DecisionTools Suite simultaneously (or concurrently). The client machines call a network server, which monitors how many concurrent user seats are available.

Concurrent network licenses also allow you to “borrow,” or take a seat off-network for remote use. You can even set time limits on how long a seat may be used offline before it expires and is returned to the pool.

In addition, concurrent network licenses may be accessed via remote desktop technology for added flexibility. If you have your files on a computer at the office but want to access them and run @RISK from a laptop on the road or your home, then a concurrent network license is for you.

  • Concurrent network licenses:

    • Permit many users
    • Restrict the number of simultaneous users, not the number of potential users
    • Allow off-network borrowing
    • Allow off-site remote access
    • Have a single serial number for all seats
Further information on concurrent network licenses

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Subscription Licenses

All Palisade software is sold on a subscription license basis. Subscription licenses allow you to invest at a level that works for your budget, and can be categorized as an operating expense. Furthermore, Palisade subscriptions include benefits previously only available through a maintenance contract: unlimited email and telephone technical support and free upgrades to new versions during the subscription term.

  • Subscription Licenses:

    • Allow you to invest within your budget
    • Can be classified as operating expenses
    • Include free updates and upgrades
    • Include free, unlimited, personalized technical support

Perpetual Licenses

Certain Palisade software versions remain available for purchase on a perpetual-plus-maintenance basis. That is, the software license does not expire, but maintenance is required for minor “dot” releases and email-only technical support. Maintenance does not cover major version upgrades or telephone support. Perpetual licenses must be purchased with a 12-month maintenance plan that takes effect after an initial 90-day warranty period. Maintenance may be renewed for another 12 months after that.

  • Perpetual licenses:

    • Do not expire
    • Require maintenance
    • May not be upgraded to next major version (e.g. 8.x to 9.x)
    • May not receive telephone technical support

Academic Licensing Options

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