Mike Pellegrino

Mike Pellegrino is the founder and President of Pellegrino & Associates. He is a former practicing software engineer, chief finance officer, and accountant. This diverse background gives Mike the requisite experience to credibly and defensively value intellectual properties that include best-selling books, top-selling branded products, cutting-edge software, patents that drive many of today's high-tech products, and even John Dillinger's publicity rights.

An unconventional valuation analyst, Mike plays no favorites when it comes to valuation. With a strong emphasis on the economic fundamentals of the assets he values, he has developed a reputation for asking penetrating questions that can get right to the heart of an asset's value. Mike has successfully defended his value opinions in state and federal court actions as well as with state and local tax authorities and the Internal Revenue Service.

Mike is a prolific writer, authoring more than two dozen articles on technology and intellectual property valuation as well as the book BVR's Guide to Intellectual Property Valuation. He is also currently writing BVR’s Guide to Software Valuation. Those writings have called into question some of the most basic valuation theories that many practitioners have followed blindly for years. Yet, from those writings, Mike has developed new methods to aid IP valuation, helping valuation analysts assess risk and quantify discount rates, select proper valuation methods, and perform necessary due diligence.

Mike is also an energetic and frequent speaker on software and intellectual property valuation, delivering practical seminars and bootcamps regularly that integrate many valuation examples drawn right from the headlines. In addition to being a regular speaker for Business Valuation Resources and Purdue University, Mike was a 2009 keynote speaker on intellectual property valuation for the 2009 National Innovation Conference & Exhibition at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Mike has the distinction of bringing two separate issues to the Indiana legislature that are now memorialized into state law. One issue focused on embedded software valuation and the other issue focused on the tax treatment of patent income. In both cases, Mike helped author the statutes, provided material testimony to the legislature and worked with the governor's office to frame the legislation, which Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels ultimately signed into law. In both cases, Mike helped Indiana's Legislative Services Agency, which performs fiscal analysis of the legislation, evaluate the economic impacts of his ideas on the state economy. Mike authored the administrative rules that Indiana's Department of Local Government and Finance now uses to administer the evaluation of software appraisals for property tax matters.

Mike graduated from the Indiana Tech summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Ball State University, went back to school a third time for accounting at Indiana Tech, and attended the Center for Creative Leadership's flagship Leadership Development Program.

Mike serves on the board of the Indiana Venture Club and The Villages. Mike is a former board member of Techpoint, the Techpoint PAC, Early Childhood Alliance (Executive Secretary), and Pathways, a not-for-profit organization that helps runaway teens.


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