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Dr Vincent Micali

Dr Vincent Micali, with 34 years of varied experience in the energy industry, has a PhD from the University of the Free State in Extreme Value Theory (Statistics). In recent years, Dr Micali has been actively involved in modelling various scenarios relating to the transformation of energy generating utilities (generating companies configurations, energy generating units performance enhancement, risk management strategies, lead the energy derivatives task force, etc…). Dr Micali has been a leading specialist in various projects (e.g. “Maximizing the benefit from the Orange River water supply” to the “Risk and financial impacts of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Industry”). He is a member of the SA Statistical Association and a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. Dr Micali has served as a Director (2004-2007) at the University of Fort Hare (Science), at the University of the Witwatersrand (School of Applied Maths), and at FH Institute of Technology. He still serves as a Director at the (recently named) University of Johannesburg, at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and at the University of the Free State. He is one of the two South African representatives, on the Performance of Generating Plant Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC). Dr Micali forms part of the Executive Board of the Statistics SGB (SAQA). He has served as the Chairman of the Board (2004-2007) of the Italian Community Centre, deputy-Chairman of the Dante Alighieri Society (2005-2007) and he has been the President of the C.I.A.O. (Asmarini Society) since 2004. Dr Micali has presented (and chaired sessions) at many national and international statistical conferences.

Dr Micali is one of South Africa’s most knowledgeable people regarding quantitative techniques as applied to energy generation asset utilisation, performance management (target setting) and benchmarking. He plays a leading role in the measurement, estimation and contractual settings in Industrial Companies’ performance. He is also involved with instruments that use complex trending techniques, forecasting and risk analyses; these are applied with foresight and discrete expertise in achieving a delicate balance between enhanced performance, international best practice and hedging of business risks.

Amongst many achievements, the major ones that stand out are:
Playing a vital role in the models formulation and application of an energy availability enhancement strategy in 1994 which contributed approx. Rb 14 to the GDP. Maximizing the benefit from the Orange River water supply, this resulted in a saving of approximately Rm 7.2 p.a. in production costs. Life-models development, in leading the team constituted by the MRC, Wits Univ., University of Fort Hare, UKZN and Harvard University in determining the risks and financial impacts of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Industry. As a co-inventor, his latest key contribution consists in the development of Commercial (energy) Availability Indicators (these have gathered international interest and are now recognized at the World Energy Council).Dr Micali is also proficient in seven languages (English, French, Italian, German, Afrikaans, Spanish and Amharic), which enhance his ability to interact with experts worldwide.

Dr Micali is particularly interested in the field of measuring and analysing the production of energy behaviour.  Supplementing this, he is capable of applying himself across a broad range of areas.  Some examples include:

  • Leading the teams investigating the applications of derivatives in energy markets
  • Analysis of the behaviour of the Orange River hydro energy generation.
  • Defining Key Performance Indicators and measurement techniques for Industries and Exco’s
  • Statistical analyses of energy demand and prices behaviours and the risk impacts on revenues.

Born in Asmara (Eritrea) in 1951, lived and attended the French Lyceum in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) till 1969 and immigrated then to South Africa. He is married and lives in Johannesburg.



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