What's New in @RISK 8

What's New in @RISK 8

A New Generation in Risk Analysis

@RISK 8 is a major upgrade that represents the culmination of feedback from thousands of users. We focused on what is most important to you, based on the analyses you do every day. Furthermore, @RISK 8 has been rebuilt on the latest programming technology from the ground up. This forward-looking foundation ensures that @RISK will continue to provide the most reliable, accurate, and robust quantitative risk analysis available anywhere for years to come.

But make no mistake: while @RISK 8 is better, faster, and stronger than ever, it is still as easy to use as 1-2-3.

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Fresh New Look, Streamlined Workflows

As a result of user input, the interface is now more intuitive for both new and experienced practitioners alike, reducing learning curves and the time it takes to perform analyses. @RISK 8 offers a thoroughly modern look and feel throughout the entire application, from the all-new command Ribbon to every dialog window. What’s more, @RISK 8 is available in both English and Spanish.


Faster Performance

From defining input distributions to correlating variables to generating reports, every aspect of model management and analysis has been re-engineered for fewer lags and overall more responsive performance.


Easier Modeling

The Define Distribution window, the first step in any @RISK analysis, has been overhauled to simplify anything you may need to do when creating or editing @RISK distribution functions. Correlations are much faster to define, and the performance of time series fitting has been significantly enhanced. Plus the entire Model Window is more flexible and simpler than ever.


Communicate and Share Results More Clearly

From Summary Trend to 2-Way Tornado charts, @RISK 8 offers significantly improved graphing capabilities, as well as an entirely new feature set for generating custom reports to share with colleagues. The best part is, it does all this 10 times faster than before! A new Explore menu offers all results graphs and reports in one place. And, the Browse, Summary, and other windows have been overhauled for faster workflows.


Get Started Fast

@RISK 8 ships with all-new examples and documentation that have been rewritten by professional consultants. The new tutorial models are interactive and designed to help decision makers get results fast, out of the box.


Solid Analytics and Tight Excel Integration

Of course, another key reason Fortune 1000 companies rely upon @RISK every day has long been the power of its rock-solid analytics. Version 8 takes that up a level too, with substantial enhancements to sophisticated analytical features. In addition, @RISK 8 supports the very latest advances in Excel 2019 (such as dynamic arrays) to make your analyses even more cohesive.


Ready for the Future

While @RISK 8 is a substantial upgrade in its own right, it also represents the birth of a new platform which will launch an entire generation of risk analysis advances. The new @RISK is technologically poised to take advantage of future improvements in the field of probabilistic analysis as well as in Excel itself. Put simply, this ensures you can trust that @RISK will provide the best possible insights, whatever the future brings.

Learn more about what's new in @RISK 8!

Technical version history of @RISK 8

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