Using Revamped @RISK for
Six Sigma Data and Risk Analysis
by Kimball Fink-Jensen

Excerpts from review on the website
Six Sigma and Process Excellence IQ
August 25, 2010

“Fortunately there is an excellent tool to help drill further down into the true meaning of the [Six Sigma] data… @RISK from Palisade Corporation.”

“@RISK is a risk analysis tool that is particularly easy to use. …The current product range bears little resemblance to the one I first encountered in 1995, with its extremely fast calculation times, parallel use of multiple processors, dynamic output charts, regression scatter plots, shared function libraries, extended product range and so on.”

“@RISK and Six Sigma are excellent bedfellows, providing the means to dynamically analyze both starting data and the ongoing improvements being made to the process so as to provide even more insight to the true causes of variability.”

“The 2009 upgrade, @RISK 5.5, provided a host of new capabilities: new functions, graphs, interface improvements, simulations based on data from previous limitations, and so on. However, the most significant improvements were better ease of use functionality and increased speed of simulations. These adjustments enabled the reduction of the number of steps in a number of the user interfaces and created anywhere from a 100 percent to 2,000 percent improvement in the speed-to-complete simulations.”

 “As well as the Six Sigma statistics, the powerful Monte Carlo analysis posits the causal relationships between the variation in output resulting from iterating the inputs and identifies which factors have the greatest influence on the observed outcomes, providing a useful indicator of priority for targeting improvement initiatives. ”

“If you are an @RISK user but are still using an earlier version such as @RISK 4.5, I strongly suggest you look at upgrading to the new @RISK 5.5.1 to access the Six Sigma features and to experience the substantial processing speed improvements. ”

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