@RISK for Project Management Customer Testimonials

The benefit of having used @RISK for Project is that you'll now have more information about the statistical probability of events rather than just having to rely on your own experience.and your gut feeling. In the absence of a fully-functioning crystal ball, you can't expect much more.
Project Manager Today

@RISK for Project delivers a richer picture. It provides a powerful and flexible tool that works with Microsoft Project to facilitate model building and risk analysis. The results that @RISK for Project generates can then be used by the decision-maker to help choose a course of action.
OR Newsletter

@RISK for Project improves the accuracy and speed of the simulation process as well as enhancing your understanding of the simulation.
BIOS Magazine

@RISK for Project is a very good product. It produces outputs that are readily understandable by project and program managers who may not be familiar with risk anlaysis.
David Seaver, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

At Infineon we have realized that systematic risk management can improve our decisions in many applications. We therefore employ the methodology of quantitative risk analysis to analyse our development projects as well as when assessing general financial decisions.

The use of @RISK for Project and @RISK for Excel from Palisade forms a fundamental component of successful risk management within Infineon. We have already trained more than 1,000 employees on how to use these tools. We are very pleased with the good service we've received from Palisade.
Dr. Martin Erdmann, Senior Manager Risk Management, Infineon Technologies AG

As a former managing partner in an industrial firm I have been using almost your complete range of Excel-based @RISK products for decision making in complex problem situations, mainly in production, marketing and project management for more than 10 years. I am referring not only to @RISK itself, but also to your exceedingly beneficial additional programmes like BestFit, RISKView and, of course, @RISK for Project.

I am pleased to confirm that the acquisition of your software components has proven to be of surpassing performance on numerous occasions and in the most variegated operational areas so that the purchasing price was retrieved more than hundred fold already. It is the intuitive operator guidance that I want to point out commendatory because it excels all your programmes I have got to know so far.

I would like to allude to the fact that none of the Palisade products I am using has ever caused a system problem or a system break down.
Dr. Werner Tabarelli, Consul General For Austria, In the Principality Of Liechtenstein

In my opinion, Microsoft Project users can manage project risks better using @RISK for Project. @RISK for Project is a significant improvement for MS Project users. @RISK for Project automates many of the previously time consuming risk management tasks.
Pat Warner, PMP, member PMI Risk SIG

We apply @RISK for Project for the assessment of verification strategies, since it offers extensive simulation capabilities at a low price, and promises low training effort at the same time.
Dipl.-Ing. Markus Hoppe, Fachgebiet Raumfahrttechnik (Institute of Astronautics), Systems Engineering, Technische Universität München

@RISK for Project is an excellent product.
Sir Robert McAlpine

@RISK for Project brings risk analysis capabilities to project management software in an easier-to-use, less expensive format.
Engineering News Records

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