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StatTools Reviewed:
“StatTools Does as Good a Job as it is Possible to Imagine”
22 July 2004, Ithaca, NY - Palisade Corporation’s new StatTools™ software has been picked up by three trade journals for review. StatTools is a general statistical analysis add-in for Excel, and complements Palisade’s line of risk and decision analysis add-ins. Three trade journals: Scientific Computing World, DM Review, and Scientific Computing and Instrumentation, have had overall positive impressions of this new product.

Scientific Computing World “Deeply Impressed”
In the January / February 2004 edition of Scientific Computing World, Felix Grant hailed StatTools as usable, comprehensive, and robust. “Most commonly used statistical procedures are covered within StatTools’ repertoire,” stated Mr. Grant;
“Dataset and variable management is a particular highlight of StatTools.”

As a true test the author gave StatTools to four Excel users who were new to analytical work. These novice users found StatTools to be unthreatening, easy to use, and educational. On integrating into Microsoft Excel environment, the users felt that “StatTools does as good a job as it is possible to imagine.”

In summary Mr. Grant stated: “I have been deeply impressed, in this respect, by StatTools apparent ability to act as a ‘flight simulator’ on which to develop data skills and thought processes in an unthreatening environment, while learning the main subject.”

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DM Review Says “Very Easy To Learn”
In the July 2004 edition of DM Review, Dr. Jack Yurkiewicz of the Lubin School of Business at Pace University in New York, who teaches statistics to business students at Pace, recently adopted StatTools for his statistics courses.

According to Dr. Yurkiewicz, “StatTools has the valuable capacity to produce robust statistics in Microsoft Excel – and most analysts agree this is something Excel cannot accomplish on its own.” He continues, “The program is very easy to learn and use, students have no difficulty with it at all. I recommend StatTools to Excel users who want reliable basic statistics.”

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Scientific Computing & Instrumentation: “Much To Appreciate”
According to reviewer John Wass in the July 2004 issue of Scientific Computing & Instrumentation, users of StatTools “will find much to appreciate.” He states, “It seems that the developers did indeed hit the most important items for a variety of industrial applications.” He goes on to cite a number of StatTools features, including “…the use of an excellent stack / unstack tool to aid in data formatting and interaction, combination, dummy variable and random sample features.” He sums up the product this way: “In summary, the robustness of the tests is welcome; the choices of tests are, in most part, excellent…Engineers and scientists needing a variety of quick, report-grade statistics will find this software useful.”

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