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In a Riskier World, a New Tool
Gives a Tighter Grip on Uncertainty


Newfield, NY - @RISK, the world's most widely used desktop tool for risk analysis, will launch this week in a new version that incorporates many customer-requested enhancements. @RISK 4.5 will provide decision makers even greater insight into the risks-and the opportunities-that affect their businesses. And in today's precarious, unstable business environment, that capability is indispensable.

Decision makers are turning increasingly to analytical techniques and tools that can help them get a grip on the uncertainties they face on a daily basis. @RISK is an Excel add-in based on Monte Carlo simulation, a technique widely taught in graduate business schools, and it is used to create mathematical models of real-life decisions and processes.

The new version of @RISK will include simpler reporting and easier, more flexible ways to describe uncertain factors. It also adds three powerful new analyses - Goal Seek, Stress Analysis, and Advanced Sensitivity Analysis - that provide deeper insight into uncertainty than previously possible.

Uncertainty Haunts Every Decision
It is a rare decision in which all factors are known, and in fact, most decisions involve a tangle of unknown elements. That's why there is a major trend toward training decision makers in risk analysis and decision simulation-and that's why the market for @RISK has continued to grow in spite of the slump in the rest of the software industry.

@RISK 4.5 can be used to analyze any decision or process in which there is uncertainty, and because it is an add-in to Microsoft Excel, virtually anyone with a computer can use it to assess probable risks and possible opportunities. With thousands of copies of @RISK up and running in such Fortune 500 companies as Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Merck, and John Deere-and with other major corporate players relying increasingly on risk analysis-@RISK 4.5 will enter a strong, ready market.

Simpler, Faster Ways to Work
Responding to comments and requests from its customers, Palisade has incorporated features into the new version that streamline the simulation process. Both new and current users will work faster and gain more from their analyses because @RISK 4.5:

  • Simplifies defining uncertainty
  • Hones in on critical factors
  • Lets users experiment with different scenarios
  • Allows users to specify target goals
  • Speeds results preparation

As always, @RISK 4.5 will be available in 3 different versions to suit the needs and budgets of different users: @RISK Standard, @RISK Professional, and @RISK Industrial.

Want to Know What Other People Think about @RISK?
There are experienced @RISK users in every sector of the economy-business, government, research. If you're interested in getting in touch with any of them, contact Holly Bailey, Main Street/Working Communications, 607-532-4708.

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