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New @RISK Developers Kit Brings @RISK to
Any Windows Application

Newfield, NY - The new version 4.0 release of the @RISK Developer's Kit (RDK), Palisade Corporation's widely-used risk analysis programming toolkit, is now available. @RISK, an add-in to Microsoft Excel, has been the world industry leader in risk analysis simulation software for over fifteen years. Since 1995, the RDK has been used to add this capability to custom applications outside the spreadsheet environment. This new release of the RDK greatly expands the risk analysis capabilities available to developers and analysts writing in C, Visual Basic, or any Windows programming language. RDK 4.0 also provides a new, easy-to-use ActiveX/COM interface for smooth integration into existing applications.

RDK Provides Answers to Key Questions
"What if?" is the question @RISK answers. "What if we launch our product in June rather than September?" "What if the price of fuel skyrockets?" "What if we fail to meet the construction schedule?" @RISK can be applied to any decision or process involving uncertainty. It is based on Monte Carlo simulation (see Backgrounder), a mathematical computation technique that accounts for uncertainty by using probability distributions for uncertain variables in mathematical models.

The RDK version 4.0 can be used to easily create custom applications that include risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation, such as financial modeling tools, corporate financial systems, utility energy simulators, and other industry-specific programs. Unlike @RISK for Excel, the RDK does not require a spreadsheet to run simulations. All the technology of the best-selling @RISK for Excel is available to developers, including simulation results, distribution fitting, and the powerful charting engines of both @RISK and Excel for generating graphs and reports. Freed from the limitations of spreadsheets, RDK models can be larger and run faster than ever before.

ActiveX Interface Makes Integration Easy
The new ActiveX/COM interface makes development of custom risk analysis solutions easy. An intuitive set of methods and properties allows developers to quickly set up a simulation model in their applications - defining input probability distributions, simulation settings and model logic. The RDK also makes it easy to handle events during a simulation run and process and display results. This interface can be used in any ActiveX-aware programming environment such as Visual Basic or C++. The traditional .DLL interface is also offered and can be used in any programming language that supports .DLL functions.

RDK Applications Easily Accessible with Web Distribution
The RDK 4.0 allows the development of scalable web applications in a browser/web server environment. Using the RDK 4.0 in enterprise-wide web applications will streamline the distribution of risk analysis tools to end users across many industries. Server-based risk analysis models - such as engineering applications and financial planning tools - can be accessed over the Internet from any browser, allowing users to enter model parameters and inputs, run simulations, and view results and graphs. Model structure and simulation code are stored on the server, ensuring consistency for all end-users and removing local installation and support issues. To see web applications at work, click here.

BestFit® Developer's Kit Also Included
The RDK now integrates a toolkit for Palisade's popular visual distribution fitting tool BestFit. Fitting distributions to data sets focuses a model and helps to accurately define the uncertain factors, thereby saving time and avoiding costly errors. The BestFit Developer's Kit (BDK) provides access to all of BestFit's powerful fitting algorithms and features for custom applications. ActiveX and .DLL interfaces are also included with the BDK.

Risk Analysis Will Now Be Accessible To Even Wider Audience
@RISK brought critical risk analysis techniques to hundreds of thousands of spreadsheet users around the world. Now, with an intuitive ActiveX interface and web deployment capabilities, the @RISK Developer's Kit 4.0 will bring these powerful methods to thousands of analysts working with custom programs outside the spreadsheet environment. Risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation are growing trends that are sweeping across many industries. The RDK 4.0 will make their adoption and integration easier than ever before.

Applications of @RISK and the RDK include:

  • corporate strategic planning
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • insurance
  • engineering reliability
  • environmental policy
  • health risk assessment
  • research and development
  • new product launches
  • capital expenditures
  • oil and gas exploration
  • retirement planning
  • investment analysis

Software Reviewers
For a review copy of RDK 4.0, please contact Holly Bailey (see above). Names of accomplished RDK users by request.

System Requirements
IBM PC compatible Pentium or higher; Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000; 16 MB free. Recommended: 32MB RAM installed. Installed programming language.

Enterprise and server licenses available.

» For more information about @RISK Developer's Kit, click here.
» For more information about @RISK, click here.

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