Risk Analysis Prepares Investors for Black Swan Events

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Risk Analysis Prepares Investors for Black Swan Events During Long-Horizon Investing

@RISK Software from Palisade Powers Insights for Portfolio Optimization

ITHACA, NY (Wednesday. 11, 2020) – Savvy investors and analysts know to expect the unexpected. Probability simulations addressing unexpected market fluctuations provide insights to help manage long-term investment portfolios in ways that conventional static models cannot address.

Amid a global pandemic, with Wall Street dealing with the uncertainty of the upcoming presidential and congressional elections, 2020 has conditioned investors to live with volatility. The lessons learned will shape strategies for long-term investment portfolio construction in the future. Over the course of a long-term time horizon, black swan events will happen in financial markets. The “dotcom” crash in the early 2000s, the 9/11 attacks, the 2008 global financial market crash, the Brexit vote in 2016, and COVID-19 in 2020 are prime examples.

A primary factor in long-term portfolio outcomes is the allocation among asset categories according to Joe DiNunno, an asset allocation strategist and consultant to FiduciaryVest, an institutional investment advisory firm. Acceptable investment management within an underlying asset class is a secondary issue.

DiNunno recognizes that black swan events are far more common than financial models based on the normal distribution would indicate. “While the normal distribution assigns about a one-in-one-thousand chance for the stock market to crash as it did in 2008, these types of declines occur more frequently than that,” says DiNunno.

Probabilistic, or stochastic, asset allocation models using @RISK Monte Carlo simulations examine a range of possible outcomes and how likely each is to occur. Understanding the long-term impact of diversifying a portfolio requires robust analysis. By incorporating longer time horizons and realistic probability distributions associated with asset classes, DiNunno said @RISK addresses issues beyond what can be done with static financial models. This includes probabilities of reaching target returns and the ability for a client to meet financial obligations without tapping into portfolio principal. “The models give our clients a strong indication of the impact that each component of asset allocation and diversification delivers in terms of their specific needs for future investment returns and risk management,” DiNunno said.

“Extreme black swan events are by definition unexpected. Ironically, they should be expected to happen over the course of decades,” said Palisade CEO Randy Heffernan. “Whether the events are positive or negative for investors depends on preparedness, perspective and positioning. @RISK provides a proven, accessible method to forecast risk and prepare portfolios for the unexpected, turning risks into opportunities.”

Click here to read the full case study on Joe DiNunno and FiducairyVest’s investment strategies using Monte Carlo simulation. In addition, register here for their upcoming webinar showcasing @RISK’s utilization in their portfolio optimization and asset allocation planning.

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