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» DecisionTools Suite Helps with Geothermal Energy Project in Europe
   December 2008
Palisade’s DecisonTools Suite helps Enex - an Icelandic renewable energy service provider - determine the optimal timescale for procuring equipment during the construction of a new geothermal power plant in Europe. Also, Palisade is pleased to announce the 2009 Energy Risk Analysis Forum on May 21, 2009 in Houston, TX. The event will feature hands-on software training and real-world case studies featuring @RISK and DecisionTools software. Plus, see up-to-date Palisade Blog headlines, and @RISK tips presented at November’s Conference in New York.

» Palisade Conference in New York Draws Record Crowd
   November 2008
The Palisade Risk & Decision Analysis Conference in New York City on November 13th and 14th drew over 150 practitioners and decision-makers from a broad spectrum of industries, and presenter Roy Nersesian demonstrated an @RISK simulation that showed exactly how and where CMO (collateralized mortgage obligations) investors lost in the current housing market meltdown. Also, new Six Sigma free live webcasts coming soon.

» @RISK 5.5 to Debut at NYC Conference
   October 2008
The next version of @RISK – version 5.5 – will be unveiled at the Palisade Risk & Decision Analysis Conference on November 13-14, 2008 in New York City. @RISK 5.5 will offer new functions, new graphs, and new capabilities for archiving simulations. Also: Subscribe to Risk & Decision Analysis Blogs. Upcoming webcasts and VAIR Financial Modeling courses. Case study: Hurricanes Gustav and Ike Test Newly-Created @RISK Model for Evacuation.

» Colombian Energy Giant ISA Uses @RISK for Investment Analysis
   September 2008
Palisade’s successful expansion into Latin America is exemplified by Colombian energy transport company ISA’s (Interconexión Eléctrica S.A.) use of @RISK for corporate wide financial analysis and forecasting. US$199 hotel special for 2008 Risk & Decision Analysis Conference; Latin American Conference; Transformation Partners joins ranks of consultants using @RISK.

» Autumn Sees the Launch of Palisade's inaugural Academic Symposia Series
   September 2008, European news
New three-day training schedule. Palisade at ADIPEC - Middle East Oil & Gas show.

» Risk Conference Program Announced
   August 2008
The schedule for the 2008 Palisade Risk & Decision Analysis Conference in NYC November 13th-14th is now available. It’s full of real-life case studies using @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite, as well as hands-on software training. Also, see where our partner VAIR will be giving financial courses featuring Palisade software, plus more tips and functions of the month for @RISK.

» Energy Risk Forum in Calgary, September 25, 2008
   July 2008
Join us for a one-day forum covering risk and decision analysis from all angles specific to the energy sector. Also: Palisade Risk & Decision Analysis Conference in NYC (Nov 13-14). Palisade Academic Symposia in Pretoria (Sept 30) and Frankfurt (Oct 18). What's New in @RISK 5.0, Function of the Month, Tips, Analytics in the Press.

» @RISK 5.0.1 Now Available
   June 2008
@RISK 5.0.1 is a significant maintenance update to @RISK 5.0. It features a new button that fits a distribution to simulation results, a faster RISKOptimizer engine, and support for common @RISK 4.5 macros among other features. Also, Palisade announces the debut of its YouTube video channel. See what Palisade customers have to say about @RISK and DecisionTools software. Learn about real-life applications of @RISK and how it can be used. The channel is continually updated.

» All-new DecisionTools Suite 5.0 Now Available!
   May 2008
This integrated set of risk and decision analysis programs includes @RISK 5.0 as well as all-new versions of PrecisionTree 5.0 for decision trees and TopRank 5.0 for “what if” sensitivity analysis. In addition, the Suite has been expanded to add StatTools 5.0, NeuralTools 5.0, and Evolver 5.0 for prediction, data analysis and optimization. All programs have been rewritten to work together better than ever before, and all integrate completely with Microsoft Excel for ease of use and maximum flexibility.

» 2008 Risk & Decision Analysis Conference, Nov 13-14 in NYC
   April 2008
Call for presentations for the Risk & Decision Analysis Conference; VAIR Financial courses featuring @RISK; Optimization and Enterprise Resource Planning Case Study; @RISK Tips on Design for Six Sigma Electrical Design, and Oil & Gas Simple Volumetric Reserves, etc.

» DecisionTools Suite 5.0 to be Unveiled at Palisade User Conference Europe -
   March 2008
Dates set for Palisade User Conference North America; @RISK Quantifies Market for Aerospace Leader Thales; @RISK Featured in; @RISK 5.0 World Tour Continues; Palisade Analytics in the Press; @RISK Tips for Six Sigma and Sensitivity Analysis; What’s New in @RISK 5.0; @RISK Function of the Month: Binomial Distribution.

» @RISK 5.0 Network Version Now Available - February 2008
@RISK 5.0 Network Version Now Shipping; Palisade User Conference Europe to feature DecisionTools Suite 5.0; @RISK Helps Lower Colorado River Authority Manage Water Supply; More @RISK 5.0 World Tour dates announced; @RISK 5.0 Featured at Six Sigma Conferences; Palisade Analytics in the Press; More @RISK Modeling Tips.

» Apresentando @RISK 5.0 - fevereiro 2008
O @RISK 5.0, totalmente novo, está aqui! @RISK 5.0 foi completamente redesenhado. Uma interface renovada com integração total com o Excel, sensacionais gráficos novos, compartilhamento de modelos nunca visto e análises mais robustas – incluindo novas funções para seguros e Seis Sigma.

» Announcing @RISK 5.0 - January 2008
All-new @RISK 5.0 from Palisade is here! @RISK 5.0 has been redesigned from the ground up with total Excel integration, stunning new graphics, unprecedented model sharing, and more robust analyses-including new Six Sigma and insurance functions. Plus, it works with previous versions and non-@RISK users.


» December 2007 News
@RISK Used for Risk-informed Inspection at a Nuclear Power Plant; @RISK 5.0 Free Live Webcasts; User Conference Series Concludes in Latin America; Distribution of the Month; Palisade Analytics in the Press; @RISK Tips: Cost Estimation, NCAA Tournament, New Product Profitability.

» November 2007 News
@RISK Fights Avian Flu in Scientific Computing World; Palisade User Conference North America Draws Record Delegation; Suncor Uses Palisade’s DecisionTools Suite and @RISK to Quantify Risk Impacts; @RISK Tips: Value at RISK (VAR) and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF).

» October 2007 News
Denmark uses @RISK for Road and Infrastructure Projects; Palisade User Conference Miami up Next; 2007 Palisade User Conference Asia-Pacific Draws Record Crowd; @RISK, PrecisionTree Protecting Endangered Species; Distribution Fitting in @RISK; Palisade Analytics in the Press.

» September 2007 News
@RISK 5.0 at Palisade User Conference North America; DecisionTools Suite Released for Excel 2007; @RISK Case Study: Corporate Finance at Illinois State; Palisade Analytics in the Press; New Scientific Papers using Monte Carlo Simulation.

» August 2007 News
NeuralTools and StatTools Released for Excel 2007; NeuralTools Case Study Featured in Scientific Computing Magazine; Royal Veterinary College uses @RISK to Combat Avian Flu; Palisade Analytics in the Press; New Scientific Papers using Monte Carlo Simulation.

» July 2007 News
Miami User Conference Session Program Announced; NeuralTools Provides Reliable Market Predictions for Wool Pricing; DecisionTools Suite Techniques Grow on Wall Street; New Book for @RISK and StatTools Released; Palisade Software Techniques in the News.

» June 2007 News
88% of Actuaries Choose @RISK when Running Monte Carlo Simulations; @RISK Used for Large-Scale Cash Cropping; Boeing to Build Monte Carlo Simulation to Weigh Air Transportation Risks for TSA; Monte Carlo Aids Mutual Funds; Palisade Software Techniques in the News.

» May 2007 News
@RISK 5.0 a Hit at Palisade User Conference; Case Study: @RISK and Evolver Used for Enterprise Resource Planning; Palisade Software Techniques in the News; New Scientific Papers using Monte Carlo Simulation.

» April 2007 News
@RISK for Excel 2007 Released; 2007 Palisade User Conference Asia-Pacific Announced; Case Study: Risk-Based Modeling for Asset Retirement at Santee Cooper; Palisade Software Techniques in the News; New Scientific Papers using Monte Carlo Simulation.

» March 2007 News
Palisade User Conference North America announced; Pantektor uses @RISK to calculate the likelihood of fire occurring and its potential impact; Agriculture industry turns to Palisade software to gage commodity prices and farm income; @RISKAccelerator puts "the pedal to the metal".

» January 2007 News
DecisionTools Suite guides environmental liability decisions for Fortune 500 companies; 2007 Palisade User Conference Europe announced; NeuralTools reviewed in Scientific Computing magazine; FLEXnet Network Licenses allows maximum deployment flexibility with minimal hassle.


» November/December 2006 News
Palisade User Conference: Americas a Big Success, presentation files available for free download; Palisade announces free live webcasts of risk, decision, and data analysis seminars; @RISK used to help budget for social services.

» October 2006 News
Author David Apgar to deliver User Conference keynote speech; utility companies turn to @RISK, RISKOptimizer, and Evolver to set energy prices in deregulated market; Halcrow Group Ltd and the UK Environment Agency Manage Flood Risk using @RISK.

» September 2006 News
@RISK 5.0 and DecisionTools Suite 5.0 to debut at Miami User Conference, sessions announced; NeuralTools and StatTools used to improve both business and practice of healthcare; @RISK used for Portfolio Loan Pricing by IKB Deutsch Industriebank.

» August 2006 News
From mortgage portfolios to credit assets, and from property appraisal to energy markets, @RISK is being rolled out at every turn in the world of finance. Financial managers from across the spectrum of industry offer case studies and new insights.

» July 2006 News
Palisade User Conference: Americas Announced; Professional Employment Opportunity for Technical Trainer/Consultant Announced; @RISK and BestFit Used in Biological Pest Control Study.

» June 2006 News
Leading Actuarial Societies Endorse an @RISK Model; Steel Giant Corus Uses @RISK to Mitigate Furnace Shutdown Losses; Merck uses @RISK to determine Value-at-Risk (VaR) for exchange Rates; Seminar and Live Web Training Dates.

» May 2006 News
Buon Giorno! @RISK Italiano Released, Palisade Featured in Quality Digest, DecisionTools and the Environment.

» April 2006 News
Palisade Announces User Conferences, @RISK Models Blood Screening, DecisionTools Used in Oil and Gas.

» March 2006 News
@RISK helps predict family assistance needs in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, PrecisionTree helps take uncertainty out of litigation. Palisade launches major sales and marketing initiative in Latin America.

» February 2006 News
@RISK used by Columbia University for modeling energy policies, NeuralTools and StatTools used by healthcare consultant to predict hospital patient load in Virginia, and @RISK used by reinsurance firms to model exposure to risk and potential liabilities.


» December 2005 News
Introducing NeuralTools, Palisade's new neural networks analysis add-in for Excel. NeuralTools Used by Researchers for Tumor Diagnosis. Cornell and Purdue Use @RISK to Assess Agricultural Policy.

» October 2005 News
Palisade Europe moves, @RISK scores high marks at Illinois State, and Palisade events.

» September 2005 News
Live Web Training update: attend for less and new special focus seminars; New case study: Cornell and @RISK help the LCRA; Introducing NeuralTools, Palisade’s Neural Networks add-in for Excel.

» August 2005 News
Special training seminar at new Palisade headquarters, new ModelAssist risk analysis tip, and Project Risk Management book.

» July 2005 News
@RISK aids Great Salt Lake wetlands clean-up and Palisade software adopted by top business schools.

» June 2005 News
@RISK goes global with four new languages, Palisade launch Web Forums, and a career opportunity for a trainer / consultant.

» May 2005 News
Palisade earns Microsoft Certified Partner status. Also, Palisade offers academic solutions for faculty, staff, and students.

» April 2005 News
Palisade introduces Live Web Training and moves to new location in Ithaca, NY. New building includes large training facility.

» March 2005 News
Announcing Palisade Asia-Pacific! New office opens in Sydney, Australia. Also, Bucknell University uses PrecisionTree for cable TV decision.

» January 2005 News
IRIS and @RISK help London Underground, Palisade 20th Anniversary Risk Short Courses a Hit, and Renaissance Reinsurance using @RISK.


» December 2004 News
Darden Graduate School of Business adopts StatTools, Gannett Fleming assessing public transit projects with @RISK for Project, and Palisade software supports FLEXnet licensing.

» November 2004 News
ModelAssist training CD released. Palisade Corporation approved as a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) provider by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). Project Management: Tools and Trade-offs book. Seminar schedule.

» October 2004 News: Palisade Offers PMI Credits for @RISK Training
Palisade Corporation recently received accreditation as a Registered Education Provider (REP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI®).

» September 2004 News: Cummins Adopts @RISK
World's leading manufacturer of diesel engines uses @RISK for Six Sigma. Also Blade Energy uses @RISK to save on oil drilling.

» August 2004 News: Palisade Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Leading provider of quantitative analysis software since 1984. Palisade offering free Risk Short Courses to kick-off 20th Anniversary events.

» July 2004 News: Palisade Expands Training
International scope, specialty courses, and customize on-site training - all from the source. Also StatTools gains popularity.

» June 2004 News: @RISK 4.1 for Project Released!
New version of @RISK for Project offers risk Gantt charts, critical indices, and conditional IF/THEN modeling. More features, better results.

» May 2004 News: Announcing @RISK 4.1 for Project
New features including Project Gantt charts and more! Upgrade for as little as $95.

» February 2004 News: Fluor Standardizes on @RISK
“Our goal was to have the estimators spend less time chasing around and more time estimating. @RISK is the easiest [tool] with the most capabilities.” – Waymon Lofton, Head of oil and gas estimating, Fluor Corporation

» January 2004 News: Customize Your Statistical Procedures with StatTools 1.0.1. New FREE Update Shows You How!
StatTools Professional 1.0.1 makes it easy to write your own statistical procedures. Download your free update today.

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