Multinational Defense Contractor QinetiQ uses @RISK to Evaluate New Technology

Multinational Defense Contractor QinetiQ
uses @RISK to Evaluate New Technology


A client contacted QinetiQ’s Advisory Services team to assess an emerging technology known as wireless power transfer (WPT), which involves wireless transmission of electrical energy across an air gap without connectors or wires.

QinetiQ is a British multinational defense technology company headquartered in Hampshire, England, and one of the world’s largest defense contractors.

QinetiQ’s technical team were tasked with considering:

  • Is wireless power transfer feasible?
  • How long would it take to develop?
  • What will it cost?

To address these questions, the QinetiQ team used @RISK to analyze the combined cost and schedule uncertainty and risk impact, enabling them to provide the client with an indication of the range out outcomes for the delivery date, along with potential funding requirements.

Dale Shermon of QinetiQ reports: "Risk analysis software @RISK enabled our subject matter experts to provide the client with an indication of the range of outcomes for the delivery date and the potential funding requirements."

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Forecasting Multiple Currencies

Forecasting Multiple Currencies using @RISK's Time Series Analysis Tool


Portfolio Optimization in Excel with Monte Carlo Simulation


Using @RISK’s tool for time series analysis, a multi-currency portfolio can be used to adequately forecast the probabilistic pathways of correlated currencies into the near future. This tool can be used for short-term financial planning such as applying hedging strategies. The time series analysis tool can also be modified to test for extreme cases; in other words, sensitizing future currency forecasts under extreme market situations. This is called stress analysis.

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Simulation of Hydroelectric Power Generation for a 120-month Horizon

Minimum edition: @RISK 6.0 Industrial. This model illustrates one possible simulation of hydroelectric power generation for a 120-month horizon. There are three sources of uncertainty: monthly desired power (as a percentage of the maximum possible output), monthly rainfall, and monthly evaporation. This model is based on Roy L. Nersesian's book Energy Risk Modeling.

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Opening a Second Instance of Excel

It is possible to run a second copy of Microsoft Excel while @RISK or another Palisade product is running in the first copy.

It is important to open a second instance of Excel rather than open another workbook in Excel. If you open a second workbook, the existing copy of Excel opens it, so you have one copy of Excel running and there's only one Excel line in Task Manager. You can have multiple workbooks open when running Palisade software, but don't switch workbooks while a simulation or other analysis is running.

By contrast, when you open a second instance, Windows loads a fresh second copy of Excel, and Task Manager shows two Excel lines.

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