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@RISK and DecisionTools Suite 7.6 Now Available

Excel 2019 Compatibility and More


With version 7.6, @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite remain on the cutting edge of analytics by integrating fully with the new Excel 2019. Furthermore, display improvements and user feedback features set the stage for even better versions to come.

Compatibility with Excel 2019
@RISK and the DecisionTools Suite 7.6 are fully compatible with the just-released Microsoft Excel 2019 for Windows. Excel 2019 boasts a range of improvements that you can take advantage of in your @RISK and DecisionTools models. New functions, improved charting, and additional sharing capabilities will help you create models and collaborate more effectively with other DecisionTools users. PivotTables have also been improved to provide insights for anyone modeling data in conjunction with DecisionTools software. And general use features will save time for everyone! Read the complete list of exciting improvements to Excel 2019. 

Improved Support for Multiple Displays
New version 7.6 offers a better user experience for modelers working with multiple monitors. Many @RISK and DecisionTools users are running complex analyses, requiring several screens. Version 7.6 addresses these display scenarios, leading to a more robust visual experience.

User Feedback for Future Versions
Now, you have the opportunity to provide direct feedback to Palisade on your usage of @RISK and DecisionTools Suite to help improve future versions – all without any extra effort. Version 7.6 lets you send fully anonymous data back to Palisade on which components of DecisionTools software you use the most.

What's New in version 7.6



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Inside the DecisionTools Suite

On-Demand Webinar: Inside the DecisionTools Suite -
Decision Making with BigPicture and PrecisionTree


Presented by Michelle Jackson


BigPicture and PrecisionTree are part of the DecisionTools Suite, an integrated set of programs for risk analysis and decision making in Excel. In this webinar, we’ll look at how BigPicture can be used to brainstorm, strategically map out processes and explore raw data. Then we’ll explore PrecisionTree, a powerful visual and analytical tool for mapping out complex, sequential decisions using decision trees directly in Excel. By using nodes, branches, and probabilities, you can represent and organize decisions ranging from oil prospecting to site development to options analysis. Working together, PrecisionTree's quantitative decision trees can be viewed directly in BigPicture, turning them into stunning visual maps that can be shared with any Excel user for presentation and discussion.

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Example Model: Credit Losses

This simulation model follows a sample of 200 customers who each begin a year in a certain credit rating category and with a certain amount of credit exposure. By the end of the year, each customer has either defaulted or not, and in case of default, the percentage that can be recovered is uncertain. The simulation finds the total amount of loss from these customers and this total's percentage of the total amount of exposure. Also, it uses the RiskPercentile function at several confidence levels to find the amounts of reserve required to be confident of covering the losses.

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Article: Analyzing Renewables in a Utility Energy Mix


Renewables pose real challenges for utility operators, particularly solar and wind power. Renewables such as biomass, geothermal, and hydro, however, are as controllable as fossil fuel plants. How do you account for the uncertainty inherent in the more unpredictable sources of renewable energy? Using DecisionTools Suite products @RISK, Evolver, and RISKOptimizer, the author examines unique ways to approach these challenges from a simple spreadsheet.

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