Sinopec Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd (SEG)

Petroleum and Petrochemical Leader
Sinopec uses @RISK to Evaluate Major Projects


Headquartered in Beijing, petrochemical giant Sinopec often encounters projects worth up to US$10bn. Such projects not only have enormous risks in the process, but also have long construction periods that may be 5 to 6 years from commencement to completion in normal conditions. During this period, risks are manifold and scenarios unpredictable, making risk analysis essential.

Jin Feng, Project Risk Manager at Sinopec Engineering Group, has responsibility for risk quantification, the mathematical model of risks, and related topics. At Sinopec, he uses @RISK frequently. Examples of applications include refinery bidding, mergers, and investment projects.

Generally speaking, we may think that the biggest risk for an oil company is the price fluctuation of crude oil, but there are other factors. After building an investment model in @RISK, Sinopec analysts found that oil price risk is not the most important risk – other risks such as contract risk should also be considered.

The popularity of @RISK has grown rapidly at Sinopec, particularly in departments related to foreign-oriented investment engineering construction. @RISK has become indispensable for major projects above US$100 million.

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Communicating Reliability, Risk, & Resiliency to Decision Makers


How to Get Your Boss' Boss to Understand -- New book by JD Solomon


Regional TrainingsEffective communication of concepts and solutions related to reliability, risk, and resiliency is frequently cited by technical professionals as the most challenging and overlooked aspect of their work. We often hear about the importance of better communication, but there are few practical examples and limited practical guidance. This book fills many of these gaps for practitioners. Communicating Reliability, Risk and Resiliency to Decision Makers provides the hands-on approaches and techniques that will make you more effective in getting decision makers to move from discussion to action. 

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Watch Now: Introduction to Risk Analysis
using @RISK (Oil and Gas Focus)


@RISK for reserves estimation, production & NPV forecasting, capital projects estimation,
risk registers, oil field development optimization, portfolio optimization, and more


Uncertainty is everywhere in the oil and gas industry, with big bets being placed by companies in the hope of securing even bigger payouts. The industry has seen fluctuations in the price of a barrel, emphasizing the need for the robust modelling of uncertainty that @RISK can provide. In this session, we will look at some common applications of @RISK within the oil and gas industry, using a selection of simple-but-powerful example models. These will include reserves estimation, production & NPV forecasting, capital projects estimation, risk registers, oil field development optimization, and portfolio optimization.

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@RISK Tips: Convergence Monitoring


Excerpted from Palisade's Knowledge Base


Convergence monitoring means @RISK keeps simulating until it has reached stable results for the outputs.  Click the link below to learn about convergence monitoring during an @RISK simulation.

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