Palisade Custom Services and @RISK Help Amway Improve Capacity Planning

Amway Improves Capacity Planning with @RISK and Palisade Custom Services


amwayLogo.pngWith $10 Billion in annual sales, 450 different products, 18 different plants and selling in more than 100 different countries, Amway's operations are vast and complex. Faced with a planned expansion that eventually added five new manufacturing sites, the Industrial Engineering team wanted to find a solution that required less time for data collection, thereby providing more time for critical analysis. So they partnered with Palisade and its Custom Development team to design a new interface and customize Amway’s Excel-based models, using @RISK in the background to power analyses. The result is a custom application Amway calls the Long Range Capacity Planning (LRCP) tool.

Users across the company were trained on how to use the LRCP tool. Plant managers and capacity experts can enter changes to variables such as demand, output rates, new products and run sizes in real time for a selected plant, and then run up to 20 different “what-if” scenarios individually or in combination and see results almost instantly. Results can be studied on their own or displayed alongside existing baseline scenarios for comparison.

Amway’s new tool has already proven its worth across the company, from both the Plastics and Liquids departments, where it was used to determine the feasibility of shift reductions, to the Nutritional Products plant, where it showed the need for new capacity for a series of new products.

Amway Senior Principal Engineer Phil Miclea expects the demand for the LRCP tool to increase, saying, “When you can satisfy a customer’s curiosity in a single meeting, you’ve gained a fan, a believer and a person who is going to ask you to come to the decision-making table more often.”

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London - April 27th - More information

Join us in London for a full day of intensive training and case studies in risk and decision analysis. This event is free to attend and promises to be an invaluable opportunity for broadening one's knowledge of risk modeling, and networking with decision-making professionals in a range of industries.  

Benefits of Palisade Risk Conferences:

  • Get more from @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite – Get exposure to the latest techniques in risk and decision analysis so you can apply them to your own models.  
  • Learn from experts Sessions are taught by Palisade's consultants and trainers and industry pros.  
  • Networking opportunities Share ideas and speak with presenters, other attendees, and Palisade staff to gain valuable insight from many backgrounds
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Training workshops in New Delhi and Mumbai


Join us for a full day of hands-on software training at Palisade's Training Workshops in New Delhi, April 19th and Mumbai, April 20th. Learn about @RISK and The DecisionTools Suite software, and how quantitative risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation can be applied to your problems, directly in Excel. 

The programme includes a training sessions run by expert Palisade trainer and consultant Rishi Prabhakar, and case study presentations from industry leaders.  

Registration is only GBP/65 per participant, and includes software sessions, lunch, a networking reception, and a full 3-month license of The DecisionTools Suite Industrial version. 

New Delhi - April 19th, 2017 - More information

Mumbai - April 20th, 2017 - More information

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Watch Now - Which Distribution Should I Choose in @RISK?


Insight into setting up and evaluating your risk analysis model in Excel, using @RISK


Which distribution should you use to represent uncertain values in your spreadsheet model? This webinar provides an introduction to probabilistic analysis and Monte Carlo simulation right in your Excel spreadsheet using @RISK, demonstrating techniques that can be used for choosing a distribution to represent uncertain variables. We will look at a variety of examples to help you become more comfortable with choosing distributions to model uncertainty.

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@RISK Tips: Designing a Royalty, Ownership and Tax Regime


Excerpted from Energy Risk Modeling
by Roy Nersesian, published by Palisade Corporation


In this chapter, Roy Nersesian, walks through a scenario to explore the possibility of employing @RISK and RISKOptimizer in designing a royalty, ownership and tax regime that can satisfy the diverse, objectives of national and independent oil companies involved in the development of an oil field. 

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Regional Training Seminars


Attend an intensive course to learn how to apply @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite to real-life problems.


Regional TrainingsOur worldwide Palisade Regional Training courses are professional public courses designed to teach you how to apply @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite to real-life problems. The training is hands-on, and includes course notes and example files. Palisade Regional Training courses have been accredited by a number of industry groups, enabling professionals in those industries to earn continuing education credits. Lunch and breaks are also provided, giving you a great opportunity to network with other professionals interested in risk analysis.

Upcoming trainings in Ottawa, Minneapolis, Washington, Seattle, London, Moscow, Munich, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

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