Antea Group uses @RISK to Uncover $14.5M Savings for U.S. Beverage Manufacturer

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» Antea Group uses @RISK to
   Uncover $14.5M Savings for
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Antea Group uses @RISK to Uncover $14.5M Savings for U.S. Beverage Manufacturer
Many states in the western part of the U.S. are in their fourth year of drought and experiencing extreme to exceptional drought conditions, while the southern states are also having an abnormally dry year. With changing weather conditions, water costs can become prohibitive. Some companies have been fortunate enough to think ahead and look to recycling, both for stewardship, and for cost savings.

John Estes of Antea Group, an international environmental, health, safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) consulting firm, helped examine a major U.S. beverage manufacturer’s operations to look at the hidden costs of the water they used. Using @RISK, Antea Group was able to quantify the business value of a water recycling system, once ‘true costs’ of water and the business benefits of the project were added to the company’s investment models. After the analysis, the beverage manufacturer was able to justify the capital investment needed to implement the water recycling project.

Through the @RISK model, Estes found that the most significant cost driver was discharging water to the sanitary sewer. “Essentially, a significant amount of water is used that doesn’t go into the product and instead is discharged to the sanitary sewer system.” The cost of sending this wastewater to the sewer is over $7.50 per thousand gallons— over 3.5x higher than the cost of getting water from the tap. Production cost increases also became dominant because the additional volume to produce the product resulted in additional volume towards sanitary sewer discharge.

Once the recycling facility comes online, projected cumulative savings will range between $10.5 million to $14.5 million over 10 years. The beverage manufacturer will recycle up to 85% of water used, and reduce impacts and dependencies on local watersheds. In addition, the company could use the project to pursue sustainability goals and enhance their reputation as a corporate water steward.

  » Read the complete case study

New features, and new software, in DecisionTools Suite v7
Version 7 of the DecisionTools Suite offers efficient frontiers, copulas, and graphical model sharing in @RISK.

And it adds an entirely new Excel add-in: BigPicture—Palisade's new five-star reviewed mind-mapping and data exploration tool! Unlike other mind mapping software, BigPicture combines the power of visuals and spreadsheets directly in Excel. All content in your spreadsheet cells can be linked to your BigPicture charts, reports, and maps. When you update your numbers or formulas in Excel, your visual diagrams automatically update as well. The integration is seamless.

As part of the DecisionTools Suite 7, BigPicture integrates directly with PrecisionTree, converting decision trees to visual mind maps. It enables you to convert your most complex data and results into intuitive and flexible diagrams—making reports more compelling and accessible to stakeholders and decision makers.

Version 7 of StatTools features many new graphs, including dendrograms as part of the Cluster Analysis report, score plots in the Principal Component Analysis report, and categorical bar charts.

  » See the new features in version 7 of the DecisionTools Suite

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New Orleans: 2 Days and 3 Tracks –
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Case Study
Will Aviation Biofuels Fly? @RISK Helps Assess Two Different Government Policies
Developing biofuels for aircraft is a risky endeavor, as transforming plant material into liquid fuel is still very expensive compared to the price of fossil fuels. Dr. Wallace Tyner and his colleagues at Purdue University in Indiana used @RISK to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of building an aviation biofuel plant, and to determine the potential impacts of two different government policies to jump-start this technology: reverse auction and capital subsidy. They found that both policies reduced risk in investment of aviation biofuels, however a reverse-auction policy reduced the risk of this investment more.

  » Read the complete case study


Product Spotlight
Evaluating Biofuel Projects
From Section 9 of Energy Risk Modeling by Roy Nersesian, published by Palisade

Biomass fuel in the form of wood and animal dung for heating and cooking has been with mankind from the very beginning of archeological records. Even today, large areas of South America, Africa, and Asia not accessible to an electricity grid are still largely dependent on biomass fuel for heating and cooking. Animal dung is preferred for baking bread because of its steady heat at a constant temperature much like a modern oven. Branches and firewood are bulky to handle, but charcoal is cleaner burning, more compact, and more easily transported.

This example compares several projects as to desirability. @RISK has two measures on project performance: risk and return. The central point of discussion in this section is to identify the desired project based on both risk and return. The challenge is that this objective is harder to achieve than one might expect.

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