2014 Palisade Risk Conference Series in Full Swing

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» 2014 Palisade Risk Conference
   Series in Full Swing

» Palisade Career Opportunity:

» Monte Carlo Simulation and
   Manufacturing featured
   in 'Quality Magazine'

Case Study
» Optimizing the Business Case
   for Sustainable Energy Projects

@RISK Modeling Tips
» Comparison of Ordering Policies

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2014 Palisade Risk Conferences
The 2014 Risk Conferences are "must attend" events for quantitative risk and decision analysis professionals. Join us for an intensive day of software training presented by Palisade trainers and consultants, and real-world case studies presented by industry experts.
» Copenhagen: 31 March
» Amsterdam: 3 April
» Dubai: 8 April
» Bogotá: 13 May
» Madrid: 20 May
» Seattle: 24 June
» Washington, DC: 26 June
» Chicago: 17 July
» Sydney: 21 August
» Brisbane: 18 September
» London: 7 October
» Frankfurt: 9 October
» Johannesburg: 14 October

Regional Seminars
Bangkok: 21-23 May
Perth: 16-18 June
Beijing: 25-26 June
Hong Kong: 5-7 August

São Paulo: 14-16 de maio
Rio de Janeiro: 28-30 de maio

London: 22-24 April
Moscow: 23-25 April
Madrid: 21-22 May
London: 3-5 June
London: 19-20 June *
London: 15-17 July
* Special Oil and Gas Focus

Latin America
Medellín: 23 al 24 de abril
México, DF: 13 al 15 de mayo
Lima, Perú: 27 al 29 de mayo

North America
Los Angeles: 21-22 April
Houston: 22-24 April *
San Francisco: 23-25
New York: 6-8 May **
Calgary: 4-6 June *
Toronto: 9-11 June
Boston: 10-12 June
Cincinnati: 22-23 July
Vancouver: 5-7 August
Washington DC: 5-7 August
  * Special Oil and Gas Focus
** Special Finance and Banking Focus


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The DecisionTools Suite

2014 Palisade Risk Conference
Series in Full Swing

For nearly a decade, the Palisade Risk Conferences have been bringing together risk and decision analysis professionals from Fortune Global 500 corporations to small consulting practices, and across every industry. This year we have added more cities to our Regional Risk Conference schedule.

Upcoming Risk Conferences

Bogotá: 13 de mayo Registrarse ahora
Madrid: 20 de mayoRegistrarse ahora
Seattle: 24 June Register Now
Washington, DC: 26 June Register Now
Chicago: 17 July Register Now
Sydney: 21 August
Brisbane: 18 September

These events are complimentary and feature a selection of real-world case studies from industry experts and software training from Palisade staff. We recently had the opportunity to meet some of our end-users and hear their enthusiasm after attending conferences in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Dubai. Case studies were presented by Cathie Associates, Deloitte Risk Services, Royal HaskoningDHV, LEGO Group, Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Petroleum, and more. Presentations spanned fields as diverse as finance, oil and gas, project management and business development.

View Presentations from Recent Risk Conferences
You’ll find several interesting presentations in the Abstracts section of each event. Below we selected just one presentation from each of the 2014 conferences held so far.

Three Examples of Value from @RISK in
DecisionMaking at the LEGO Group

Delivered by Hans Læssøe of LEGO Group
at the Copenhagen Risk Conference

Innovation Portfolio Management with
Palisade DecisionTools Suite

Delivered by Scott Mongeau of Deloitte Risk Services
at the Amsterdam Risk Conference

The Application of Probabilistic Analysis in
Unconventional Gas Production Forecasting

Delivered by Turki AlOtaishan of Saudi Aramco
at the Dubai Risk Conference

These three examples are just the start of a year’s worth of opportunities to learn from, mingle and share ideas with other delegates, presenters and Palisade staff. Join us in a city near you for one of our upcoming one day events where breaks, lunches and afternoon network receptions are included at no cost to you!

 » Calendar of 2014 Palisade Risk Conferences

Career Opportunity:
Trainer/Consultants (Contract Basis)
Our business is growing! We have an increased demand for experienced Trainer/Consultants to help our customers maximize the use of the powerful techniques in their Palisade software.

Position Description
Trainer/Consultants conduct hands-on risk and decision analysis training using Palisade software. Training includes 2- and 3-day seminars open to the general public as well as customized, on-site training for clients with specific needs. These training sessions can be located nearly anywhere, and clients can be from virtually any industry. As part of the courses, Trainer/Consultants develop some training materials for general use, as well as create custom examples based on client-specific or industry-specific applications. Trainer/Consultants also have access to Palisade’s own training resources. These positions generally require travel.

Successful candidates will have a university degree and considerable background in decision science, statistics, finance, oil and gas, economics and/or related quantitative field. Business consulting experience in industries using decision/risk analysis, and experience using @RISK and DecisionTools Suite software, is strongly preferred. Additionally, a flexible nature and the ability to adapt to customer requirements and different job duties are essential.

These positions are currently available on a contract basis, with a flexible commitment level.

 » Email cover letter and resume to:

Monte Carlo Simulation and Manufacturing
featured in Quality Magazine

A recent article written by Palisade's vice president, Randy Heffernan, explores a variety of applications of Monte Carlo simulation in the manufacturing sector, such as: minimizing pilot programs, enterprise resource planning, supply chain continuity and potential financial losses. By utilizing simulation software such as @RISK, risk factors are revealed that would have otherwise taken stakeholders by surprise.
Quality Magazine Screenshot

 » Read "Monte Carlo and Manufacturing" in Quality Magazine
    (Requires free registration)


Case Study
Optimizing the Business Case for
Sustainable Energy Projects

This case study takes a biofuel plant as an example where @RISK models the project’s Net Present Value (NPV), PrecisionTree informs strategic scenario decision-making, and Evolver suggests plant optimisation strategies. International consultancy Sark7 identified the DecisionTools Suite as the ideal vehicle to objectively assess the profit potential of sustainability initiatives, separating 'over-optimistic hype' from realistic profit margins.

"Palisade’s risk analysis software is simply ‘the best thing since sliced bread,’ especially in our increasingly complex, uncertain global world," explains consultant Scott Mongeau. "Because it runs in Excel, it is accessible to everyone and doesn’t become the exclusive domain of technical experts. Despite being highly sophisticated technology, it actually streamlines human conversations because it allows for integrated, like-to-like analysis of risks from the standpoint of highly specialised but distributed experts. Integrated simulation allows for the assessments of lawyers, economists, engineers, managers, and financiers to come together so that the proportional risks in mega-projects, large implementations and new technologies are clear to all."

Mongeau is now the Analytics Manager at Deloitte Risk Services based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. See the link for Scott's presentation at the 2014 Amsterdam Risk Conference above.

 » Read the full case study

Product Spotlight
Comparison of Ordering Policies
A company faces infrequent and uncertain demands for a high-priced product. The company orders the product from a supplier, and there is an uncertain lead time from when an order is placed until it arrives. The company wants an ordering policy that keeps average inventory low but also keeps stockouts low. The model compares a standard ordering policy to a more anticipatory policy.

 » Download the example model
 » View Roy Nersesian's testimonial about inventory,
    ordering and stockouts


Introducción al análisis de riesgo y decisión
con @RISK y DecisiónTools Suite

Presentado por: Manuel Carmona, Palisade
   13 May - 11am CEST (5am EDT)   » Registrar Now

Introduction to Risk and Decision Analysis
using @RISK and The DecisionTools Suite

Presented by: Aman Bajaj, Palisade
   15 May - 11am CEST (5am EDT)   » Register Now

Insurance and Reinsurance Applications of @RISK:
Examples from Agroasamex and the World Bank

Presented by: Luisarturo Castellanos, CatRiskMexico/Palisade Corp.
   06 June - 11am EDT (5pm CEST)   » Register Now

» See complete Webcast schedule


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