University of Arkansas Researchers Use @RISK To Analyze Rice Farmer Mass Tort Claims

University of Arkansas Researchers Use @RISK to Analyze Rice Farmer Mass Tort Claims
Rice is a big deal in Arkansas. The State is number one in the country for producing the crop, accounting for roughly 45% of total U.S. production. Recently, some Arkansas rice farmers banded together in a mass tort action against RiceTec®, a hybrid rice breeding company that owns all of the commercially released lines of hybrid rice. These rice farmers claimed that these pricier varieties of rice were faulty and milled poorly. According to the farmers, this combination of higher costs to them along with (in their view) lower quality meant the group could not earn profits on the hybrid rice which were equivalent to conventional (inbred) varieties.

Dr. L. Lanier Nalley, an associate professor of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness at the University of Arkansas wanted to examine the validity of this claim, comparing the economic risk and return of RiceTec’s hybrid rice varieties to conventional, non-hybrid rice. Using @RISK’s Monte Carlo simulation features, Nalley was able to show that RiceTec’s hybrids were not only more profitable, but also less risky than their conventional counterparts.

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@RISK The simplicity of this software meant that I
      could literally do these calculations in five
      minutes. The other big thing was that
      @RISK does an unbelievable job of creating
      very user friendly outputs. You don’t have
      to be a statistician to understand these
      very nice distributional outputs.
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                        Dr. Lawton Lanier Nalley, Agricultural Economics
                        and Agribusiness, University of Arkansas

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Project Management
Excerpted from Evolver: Solutions for Business,
by Roy L. Nersesian, published by Palisade Corp.

This example gives you the opportunity to theoretically manage a project that includes designing a plant that manufactures generators, as well as hiring and training your staff to install them. By identifying the activities on the critical path of the PERT (Performance Evaluation Review Technique) diagram you, as the manager, can set your priorities on whether activities are critical or not.

Crashing, or reducing the length of time to complete a project, adds to the cost in the form of overtime, bringing in additional resources, and other means to hasten the completion of a critical activity. Solver alone can handle the situation of shortening the project for an added cost as long as there is a linear relationship linking cost and time. However, Evolver becomes necessary if the cost of crashing is nonlinear. Nonlinearity usually prevails because costs rise exponentially with the degree of shortening. For instance, if shortening a project by one month costs $100, then shortening a project by 2 months may cost $300 and by 3 months, $700.

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Project Risk Management:
Essential Methods for Project Teams
and Decision Makers
By Yuri Raydugin

Risk Management has been identified as one of the nine content areas for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Yet, it remains an area that can get bogged down in the real world of project management. Practical and clearly written, Project Risk Management: Essential Methods for Project Teams and Decision Makers equips project managers and decision makers with a practical understanding of the basics of risk management as they apply to project management.

This textbook by Yuri Raydugin is an easy to implement, practical, and proven risk management methodology for project managers and decision makers. Drawing from the author's work with several major and mega capital projects for Royal Dutch Shell, TransCanada Pipelines, TransAlta, Access Pipeline, MEG Energy, and SNC-Lavalin, Project Risk Management: Essential Methods for Project Teams and Decision Makers reveals how to implement a consistent application of risk methods, including using cost and schedule Unknown-Unknown allowances in probabilistic risk models in Monte Carlo tools, such as @RISK.

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Unknown Unknowns in Project Probabilistic Cost and Schedule Risk Models
Yuri Raydugin, P.Eng., M.B.A., Ph.D.
Principal Consultant, Risk Services & Solutions Inc.

Practitioners recognize a requirement to consider unknown unknowns in project risk management. Same time, clear and consistent recommendations on incorporating of unknown unknowns into risk models have yet to be proposed.

This article outlines the thinking process and comes up with practical recipes on handling unknown unknowns in software products, such as @RISK. Four dimensions of unknown unknowns are discussed: novelty of a project, phase of project development, type of industry and bias. A discussion on unknown unknowns vs. corporate risks is provided. Practical recommendations on including unknown unknowns into probabilistic cost and schedule risk models are also put forward.

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