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» Unilever uses Palisade’s
   DecisionTools Suite Software
   to Inform Decisions on

» Palisade Europe Risk
   Conference Attracts Diverse,
   Engaged Delegation

Case Study
» Air, Land, and Sea: @RISK
   Used for Transportation
   Planning in Denmark

@RISK Modeling Tips
» Cash Flow Analysis:
   Setting up a Project
   Financing Spreadsheet

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2012 Palisade Risk Conferences
Industry experts present real-world case studies, Palisade consultants deliver workshops and training, plus sneak previews of new software. Don't miss the opportunity to sign up for an Expert Session, in which you can have an expert review your model and answer questions, one-on-one, at no charge.
» London: 18-19 April
» Sydney: 29-30 May
» Las Vegas: 7-8 Nov

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Live Web Training Using Decision Trees with
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30 May, 11am-3pm ET

Decision-Making and Quantitative Risk Analysis
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4-5 June, 1pm-5pm ET
21-22 June, 1pm-5pm ET

Decision-Making and Quantitative Risk Analysis
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5-6 July, 1pm-5pm ET
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Project Risk Assessment
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20 August, 9am-1pm ET


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Unilever uses Palisade’s DecisionTools Suite Software to Inform Decisions on Innovation
Because the decisions it needs to make around business-critical innovation are highly complex, global fast moving consumer goods supplier Unilever developed its Decision Making Under Uncertainty (DMUU) approach. Combining a structured method with Palisade’s DecisionTools Suite software ensures that project teams fully understand the scope of their decisions, and have the tools and the knowledge to make informed and high-quality choices. This prevents opportunities and threats being overlooked, and increases Unilever’s agility in the market place.

Unilever selected Palisade’s DecisionTools Suite as the principle analysis software to support its DMUU process and decision-focused culture due to its flexibility and ability to do Monte Carlo and decision tree analysis using component products @RISK and PrecisionTree, respectively. Today, the DecisionTools Suite enables Unilever to develop probabilistic business cases for its biggest innovations, as well as its major strategic decisions.

For example, a typical use for @RISK, the risk analysis element of the suite, is in evaluating alternative strategies for a new product launch or a major capital investment. Unilever teams also use PrecisionTree, the decision analysis tool, to evaluate early stage projects where decisions and uncertainties will occur at various times in the future.

"The DecisionTools Suite has played a key role in increasing
  the quality of decision-making and helping project teams to
  think clearly, act decisively and feel confident."
                          – Andrew Evans, decision analyst at Unilever

 » Read the full case study
 » Read more about @RISK

Palisade Europe Risk Conference Attracts
Diverse, Engaged Delegation

Attracting over 100 delegates, Palisade’s seventh annual EMEA Risk Conference in London offered something for virtually everyone, regardless of industry sector. The event was held at the Institute of Directors on 18th-19th April. Professionals attended from industries such as oil and gas, power generation, engineering and construction, manufacturing, and more. There were over 40 total presentations and training sessions divided into three tracks.

New this year, delegates took advantage of one-on-one Expert Sessions. Offered by Palisade consultants and technical experts, these hands-on, individualized consulting sessions helped many attendees improve their risk models.

“More than ever, this year’s delegation brought timely, relevant, and urgent problems to the discussion,” noted Palisade Europe Managing Director Craig Ferri. “With the ongoing euro crisis, political instability in the middle east, and supply chains threatened by natural disasters in Asia last year, risks of all sorts were top-of-mind, which provoked many timely discussions. Many commented on the immediacy with which they planned to introduce quantitative risk management techniques.”

"The conference provided me with food for thought in order
  to provide better solutions to prospects and clients."
                          – J. Rouaud, Marsh S.A.

 » Read more about the conference
 » Read about more conferences this year in Sydney and Las Vegas

Case Study
Air, Land, and Sea: @RISK Used for
Transportation Planning in Denmark

The Centre for Traffic and Transport (CTT) is part of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). It is responsible for undertaking research into optimizing traffic and transport systems and in this capacity it develops evaluation models for roads and road building. This requires an in-depth understanding of the effect that any projects (both directly and indirectly related) will have on traffic behavior, as well as the overall social, economic and environmental impact of such schemes.

The CTT now uses @RISK on an increasing number of projects. Excel-compatible, @RISK uses Monte Carlo analysis to show all potential scenarios, as well as the likelihood that each will occur, thereby providing the decision-maker with the most complete picture possible.

In particular, the CTT does extensive analysis to produce a cost-benefit ratio that will determine whether a project is optimal from a socio-economic viewpoint or not. Very simply, this entails weighing up if the benefits of a venture justify its economic, social and environmental cost.

"@RISK is a highly sophisticated analysis tool that enables
 us to perform complicated predictions to determine accurate
 cost-benefit of projects."
                          – Kim Bang Salling, CTT

 » Read the full case study

Product Spotlight
Cash Flow Analysis:
Setting up a Project Financing Spreadsheet

This detailed example shows how to analyze the financing of a potential project using cash flow management techniques and Monte Carlo simulation. It was taken from chapter 2 of @RISK Bank Credit Analysis, by Roy Nersesian and published by Palisade.

Revenue is normally the aggregate sales of various products and services. The project financing to be set up in this chapter is a factory that makes a single product, or a single product with several similar models, where revenue is sales price multiplied by volume. A lender has been asked to consider a loan to finance the factory with no recourse to other parties. The factory is the sole source of collateral and support for the loan. The loan request has already been considered in terms of its inherent desirability and the character of the borrower. The question to be dealt with is how much should be lent to the project and for how long considering the risks inherent in the transaction.

 » Download the detailed example description and Excel spreadsheet
 » Learn more about @RISK Bank Credit Analysis

Introduction to Risk & Decision Analysis
using @RISK & the DecisionTools Suite

Presented by Palisade
   June 27, 2012, 10am BST (British Summer Time)
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   July 3, 2012, 10am BST (British Summer Time)
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   July 11, 2012, 11am EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
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   September 12, 2012, 11am EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
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Introductie van risico- en beslisanalyse
met @RISK en de DecisionTools Suite

Presentatie door Stephan Beeusaert, Palisade
   13 juni 2012, 11am CEST (Central European Summer Time)
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@RISK — Apresentação básica
Apresentado por Renato Limão, Palisade Brasil
   22 de junho, 2012 10am BRT (Brasília Time)
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