Stanford University Press Publishes New Text on Entrpreneurial Finance Featureing DecisionTools Software

New Experts’ Corner Video Series
Palisade is pleased to announce a new series of how-to video tutorials on getting the most from @RISK and DecisionTools Suite software. The Experts’ Corner is a great place to get a refresher on Palisade tools or refer students for a quick overview.

Dr. Chris Albright, Professor Emeritus of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, kicks off this new feature with tutorials introducing @RISK (Basic and Advanced features), and illustrating how @RISK can be used to examine a financial portfolio of stocks.

The videos cover a range of topics and industry-specific example applications. Whether you want a quick lesson on how to run your first simulation, or you’d like to learn how to solve common problems in your industry, our experts can help.

We will continually add new videos to our library on a diverse range of topics, and in multiple languages.

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New Lower Student Pricing
We are pleased to announce we are now able to offer lower, more heavily discounted pricing on DecisionTools Suite software for students enrolled in a college or university. For A$65, students may now purchase a fully-functional DecisionTools Suite Industrial good for one full year. Contact Palisade or visit the link below to order. Academic verification will be required.

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Call for Papers for London and Sydney Risk Conferences
Following on the success of the 2011 worldwide Palisade Risk Conference series, Palisade announces the start of the 2012 series events in London and Sydney.

If you would like to join us to discuss how you use Palisade software, please send a short abstract. Contact information can be found below.

Palisade EMEA Risk Conference, April 18th & 19th
Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London
Send short abstract to Craig Ferri at
Closing date for abstracts: 15th December 2011

Palisade Risk Conference, May 29th & 30th
Hilton Sydney
Send short abstract to Jami Adams at
Closing date for abstracts: 30th January 2012

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@RISK All I have to say is that is one of the most
      powerful tools for scenario and risk analysis
      on the market. The Excel interface makes it a
      very powerful tool. Trial Versions

                       Professor Brett A. King, University of Northern Alabama

Recent School Adoptions

Over 60,000 students use the DecisionTools Suite annually in their MBA and graduate level programs. In 2010, over 800 universities worldwide adopted the DecisionTools Suite. Professors in business, engineering, OR, and other fields keep their students on the cutting edge by teaching the latest analytical techniques from Palisade. Some major schools with programs and courses that standardized on the DecisionTools Suite last month include:

US and Canada:

  Carnegie Mellon University
Chicago State University
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Penn State Great Valley
Vanderbilt University
Villanova University
Western Washington University


  Chalmers University of Technology
Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
Ecole Centrale de Lyon
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Ingolstadt
Hochschule Zittau/Goerlitz
LUMS Lahore University of Management Sciences
Robert Gordon University
Technical University of Kosice
Universidade do Minho
Universität für Bodenkultur
University of Portsmouth
University of Pretoria
University of Sydney
Utrecht University
Wageningen University
Licensing Options

There are three easy ways to get the DecisionTools Suite for your students:


Course Licenses available from Palisade. These are economical, annually renewing bulk licenses for both
network lab and laptop installation.
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Student Versions from Palisade. These are 12-month versions available for purchase individually by students through either the Palisade web site or the school store.
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Textbook Editions available bundled with textbooks.
These are time- and model-limited licenses.
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Get DecisionTools Suite 5.7 for your course by contacting:

AddressPalisade Academic Sales    
800-432-7475 / 607-277-8000

@RISKMy students keep telling me how amazing
     @RISK is. It has made my class a lot more
      interesting. Trial Versions

                         Professor Ravi Mateti, Concordia University

Teaching Tips & Examples

The DecisionTools Suite is a great way to present quantitative techniques in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way. Each month we feature an example or tip illustrating how students can gain "real world" benefits by implementing quantitative analysis.

Personnel Planning
Excerpted from RISKOptimizer for Business Applications by Roy L. Nersesian, published by Palisade

Another classic linear programming model is personnel planning where fixed numbers of full and part time personnel are hired to satisfy varying demand. However, an examination of demand in a linear program shows that it really does not vary, but is discrete in nature. For instance, demand for services may be 20 customers between 9 and 10 AM and 50 customers between 10 and 11 AM. Yes, demand is varying throughout the day, but demand is also known with great precision between 9 and 10 AM: it is 20 customers. How about 20 customers plus or minus 5 customers? This is beyond the capability of linear programming, but fits what RISKOptimizer was designed to handle.

Palisade Download the example spreadsheet and step-by-step instructions

Textbook of the Month

The DecisionTools Suite is included in dozens of major textbooks, and is a key component of more titles every year. Authors use the DecisionTools Suite to illustrate key analytical concepts and build examples demonstrating the value of quantitative techniques in business, OR, and engineering.

Practical Management Science - Spreadsheet Modeling and Applications
By Wayne Winston and Dr. Chris Albright

This text takes an active-learning approach, providing numerous examples and problems so students can practice extensively with a concept before moving on. Four types of problems -- skill-building, skill-extending, modeling, and cases are graded within sections and chapters to help instructors assign homework. Another important feature is the way that the text integrates modeling into all functional areas of business: finance, marketing, operations management using real examples and real data. Examples utilize @RISK, PrecisionTree, RISKOptimizer, and more. The text emphasizes modeling over algebraic formulations and memorization of particular models. Shell files are also provided so that instructors can give students as much or as little information as they need.

This new edition has been update for Excel 2010.

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Featured White Paper

Professors, PhD candidates, practitioners and others often use the DecisionTools Suite as part of a complex analysis to address important problems. These analyses are published in white papers. Each month we will feature a different academic white paper addressing a wide range of issues.

Examination of Pig Farm Technology by Computer Simulation
By Szilvia Szőke – Lajos Nagy – Sándor Kovács – Péter Balogh University of Debrecen, Centre for Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Department of Economic Analysis and Statistics

Agricultural production is among the riskiest production activities. Similarly to other branches of agriculture in animal breeding the finished product is the result of complex procedures. The biological-technological procedure, the creation of the product is affected by an outstanding number of environmental factors which also cause uncertainties.

In the North Great Plain Region of Hungary, sows, gilts and slaughter pigs are produced on a corporate farm. The reliable operation data of this company provide a stable basis for and estimating future costs and income and their distributions.

Monte Carlo methods are one of the generally accepted tools for modeling risks. The significant independent variables, their ranges and probability distributions, and the correlation between them were inputs to the model. The values of the variables were produced using a random number generator. The computer simulation was performed using @RISK software. The study concentrates on the factors affecting the number of offspring (piglets). Model inputs were the mating, mortality and farrowing rates; the costs and the income values based on these rates have been analysed as the output data of the model.

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The Academic Global Leader in
Risk and Decision Analysis
Palisade is the world’s leading provider of risk and decision analysis software and solutions. Founded in 1984, its products @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite are used by over 95% of the Fortune 100, in nearly every industry around the world. Palisade is headquartered in New York State, and has offices in London, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo.

What is The DecisionTools Suite?

The DecisionTools Suite is the world’s only integrated set of risk and decision analysis programs. The Suite includes @RISK for Monte Carlo simulation, PrecisionTree for decision trees, and TopRank for “what if” sensitivity analysis. In addition, DecisionTools Suite comes with StatTools for statistical analysis and forecasting, NeuralTools for predictive neural networks, and Evolver and RISKOptimizer for optimization. All programs work together seamlessly, and all integrate completely with Microsoft Excel for ease of use and maximum flexibility.

The Suite is offered in three affordable and flexible licensing options for those in academia: Student Versions, Course Licenses and Full Academic Versions.

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Introducción al análisis de riesgo con @RISK
November 24, 12:00pm EDT
Luis Ywama
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Introduction to Risk Analysis using @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite
November 29, 10:00am (UK)
Chris Marlow
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November 30, 10:00am ET
Dave Bristol
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December 1, 1:00pm ET
Andrew Sich
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December 2, 1:00pm ET
Steve Hunt
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December 6, 1:00pm ET
Jaime Weisberg
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Introduction a l’analyse des Risques et décisions avec @RISK et DecisionTools Suite
November 30, 10:00am (UK)
Manuel Carmona
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Use of @RISK for Quantifying
Uncertainty in Innovation
Project Management

December 1, 11:00am ET
Dr. Jose A. Briones
SpyroTek Performance
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Refining the Business Case for
Sustainable Energy Projects
Using @RISK & PrecisionTree:
A Biofuel Plant Case Study

January 12, 11:00am ET
Scott Mongeau
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Visão geral do @RISK e @RISK for Project
December 15, 10:00am
S. American EST

Renato Limão
Palisade Brasil
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