January 2007
Large industrial companies often have numerous actual or potential environmental legacies that linger for decades as financial liabilities.

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Dear Amy,

How do I go about defining a distribution in @RISK for Project so that its sampling is dependent on the occurrence of an event?

— G.B.

Dear G.B.,

@RISK Professional for Project distributions can include "optional arguments." A useful optional argument, for example, is "EnableWhen()". Conditions can be specified as the argument for the EnableWhen(). The condition will determine whether the distribution will be sampled.

For example: Duration=RiskNormal

The above function will only sample the defined RiskNormal() when the Global variable called "RiskOccurred" is equal to 1. Conditional statements for the EnableWhen() can only refer to Global Variables.

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However, you can also use the special argument “prob=” to assign probabilities of occurrence.

For example: Duration=RiskNormal(10,2,EnableWhen(prob=0.5)) The above function will only sample the defined RiskNormal() variable for 50% of the iterations during the simulation. In other words, the RiskNormal has a 50% chance of occurring.

More information about the EnableWhen() argument
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