May 2006

High Octane Risk Analysis Product
Races into New Market.

Palisade continues to meet
global accessibility demands for @RISK,
the world’s most powerful risk analysis tool,
with its Italian language version. This latest release underscores increasing
demand from organizations in
the finance, heavy industry,
and government sectors of the
Italian economy to seamlessly
factor risk into business decision
making processes.

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Seminar Schedule
:: Regional Seminars
Risk and Decision Assessment Training using @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite
June 5–6, Kansas City, KS
June 12–13, Ithaca, NY
July 10–11, Seattle, WA
July 24–25, Montreal, QB

Project Risk Assessment
using @RISK for Project

July 31–Aug 1, Ithaca, NY

:: Live Web Training
Risk and Decision Assessment Using @RISK: Part I
June 1–2
June 29–30
July 17–18

Risk and Decision Assessment Using @RISK: Part II
June 15–16
July 20–21

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Ask Amy
Expert Answers to
Technical Questions

Dear Amy,

How do I interpret the Y-axis of the histograms that are generated after I run an @RISK simulation?

— R. E.

Dear R.E.,

@RISK provides two different types of histograms: Relative Frequency histograms and Probability Density histograms.

Relative Frequency histograms are created by:

  • Dividing the data into intervals.
  • Calculating the fraction of data values in each interval.

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