March 2006
Palisade Launches
Latin American Initiative

Palisade is pleased to announce the launch of a major sales and marketing initiative in Latin America. A key component of this effort is the corporation’s Spanish-language website: The new website offers a variety of resources to Spanish-speaking customers throughout the region: the ability to purchase and download software online, free product trial versions, product information, seminar schedules, and customer case studies among them.

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Seminar Schedule
:: Regional Seminars
Risk and Decision Assessment Training using @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite
March 20-21, Chicago, IL
April 3-4, San Juan, PR
April 10-11, Washington, DC
April 17-19, Houston, TX
April 24-25, Calgary, AB

Risk and Decision Assessment with an Introduction to
Real Options
March 27-28, New York City

:: Live Web Training
Project Risk Assessment Using @RISK for Project
April 27-28

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Ask Amy
Expert Answers to
Technical Questions

Dear Amy,

Is there any way to save a problem in Evolver or RISKOptimizer so that I can change constraints or data and optimize the problem without re-entering all the model information?

- R. M.

Dear R.M.,

Yes, there is. When you stop each optimization you have the choice to create an Optimization Summary worksheet.

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