February 2006
Used by Columbia University
for modeling Energy Policies

Students at Columbia University’s School of International & Public Affairs (SIPA) learn to deal with risk on a global level, and in Professor Roy Nersesian’s
Quantitative Methods in Energy and Policy Analysis course they gain hands-on experience in the development and interpretation of quantitative models for project evaluation and policy assessment. The students develop cash flow and market models using Palisade’s @RISK.

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Seminar Schedule
:: Regional Seminars
Introductory and Intermediate Risk and Decision Assessment
Feb. 20-21, Toronto, ON
Feb. 27-28, Orlando, FL
April 3-4, San Juan, PR

Risk and Decision Assessment Training with an Introduction to Insurance Applications
Feb. 6-7, Hamilton, Bermuda

Evaluación de riesgo para usuarios principiantes / intermedios (3 días)
Del 21 al 23 de febrero
Distrito Federal, México

:: Live Web Training
Introduction to Risk and Decision Assessment Training Part I
Feb. 13-14
March 9-10

Introduction to Risk and Decision Assessment Training Part II

Feb. 9-10
March 2-3

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Ask Amy
Expert Answers to
Technical Questions

Dear Amy,

I have a rather large model with thousands of inputs that spans multiple worksheets. I love @RISK’s unlimited capacity, but is there any way I can speed up simulation time?

- P.M., Bend, Oregon

Dear P.M.,

As you know, @RISK can tackle any size model you give it. There are a number of ways to reduce simulation run-time. In your Simulation Settings dialog, there are a variety of options that affect simulation speed. Make sure the Update Display option is not checked, so the computations are not made on-screen during the simulation. Similarly, do not check the Update Real Time for your @RISK Results Window option, so graphs and tables don’t update during the simulation...

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