December 2005
Introducing NeuralTools–
Save 50% on New
Neural Networks Add-in

Palisade is pleased to announce the release of NeuralTools, the neural networks add-in for Microsoft Excel. NeuralTools learns the structure of your data and then makes predictions when presented with new incomplete data. With NeuralTools, robust predictive analysis is more accessible than ever - right in your spreadsheet!

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Seminar Schedule
:: Regional Seminars
Introductory and Intermediate Risk
and Decision Assessment

Jan. 23-24, San Francisco, CA
Feb. 20-21, Toronto, ON
Feb. 27-28, Atlanta, GA

Risk and Decision Assessment Training with an Introduction to Insurance Applications
Feb. 6-7, Hamilton, Bermuda

Project Risk Assessment
using @RISK for Project
Jan. 26-27, Denver, CO

:: Live Web Training
Introduction to Risk and Decision Assessment Training Part I
Jan. 5-6
Jan. 30-31
Feb. 13-14

Introduction to Risk and Decision Assessment Training Part II
Jan. 16-17
Feb. 9-10

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Ask Amy
Expert Answers to Technical Questions

Dear Amy,

I need to define an @RISK probability distribution, and I have a three-point estimate. But instead of using minimum, maximum, and most likely values, my estimates are the 10th, 50th, and 90th percentiles. Can I use these values as is?

- D. R., Columbus, OH

Dear D. R.,

Absolutely! With @RISK’s Alternate Parameters feature you can enter values for specific percentile locations of an input distribution. For example, you can define a triangular distribution using the 10th, 50th, and 90th percentile values you have. To use Alternate Parameters, select the [ALT] button in the Define Distribution window and then check “Use Alternate Parameters to Specify This Distribution”. Then select the parameters and percentiles you want to use. You can even mix and match alternate and traditional parameters to meet your needs.

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