@RISK Aids Great Salt Lake Wetlands Clean-Up

With over 2,000 acres along the shores of the Great Salt Lake, the Kennecott Southshore Wetlands is an important habitat for migratory shorebirds and waterfowl. Kennecott Utah Copper, the second largest copper producer in the United States, wants the wetlands to remain vital.

Ecological Risk Assessment Performed
Concerns over high levels of selenium in the wetlands led Kennecott Utah Copper to engage ecological modeler Dr. John Toll and a team of wildlife and toxicology experts in an ecological risk assessment study. The study’s objective was to estimate the impact of selenium on birds in the area and determine the proportion of the nesting bird population potentially at risk from selenium exposure.

@RISK Provided Accurate Results
The team used BestFit and @RISK to conduct a site specific, probabilistic exposure assessment to estimate how much selenium was getting into bird eggs. According to Dr Toll, “Thanks to @RISK we were able to avoid destructive sampling and our findings were more accurate.”

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Every year over 40,000 MBA candidates use Palisade’s DecisionTools software in courses ranging from management science to finance to statistics. In total over 500 academic institutions use @RISK, PrecisionTree, StatTools, and other products to enhance their students’ learning experience. Most students use the software through textbooks purchased from Duxbury Press, an imprint of leading academic publisher Thomson Brooks/Cole.

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Duxbury Press publishes best selling management science and statistics textbooks for higher education. Since 1997 Duxbury has had a strategic partnership with Palisade. Special student versions of Palisade software are included in Duxbury’s most popular textbooks.

“Together the book and software offer tremendous value and, more importantly, a tremendous learning opportunity,” states Curt Hinrichs, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief for Thomson. He continues “The textbook/software combination lets students experience professional-level analysis tools while effectively learning the concepts they will need to success in today’s business world.”

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Duxbury publishes textbooks by leading authors such as Dr. Chris Albright, Robert Clemen, Terry Reilly, Wayne Winston, and Chris Zappe. Schools adopting Duxbury texts with Palisade software include Indiana University, Babson College, Bucknell University, University of Arizona, Harvard University, Yale University, and Cornell University.

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