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Introducing Live Web Risk and Decision Assessment Training
Palisade Regional Training Seminars have long been a comprehensive and efficient way to learn the use of Palisade products in risk and decision analysis applications. Now that same great training is available at your desk. Palisade has launched Live Web Training seminars for those who are tired of travel or don’t want to spend days out of the office.

Live Web Training for a Complete Solution
Palisade Live Web seminars are lead by expert instructors via the internet and a telephone conference. With Palisade Live Web Training you can:

• Avoid travel costs and time away from the office
• Interact live with the instructor and group
• See the instructor’s computer screen and share your own
• Learn from Palisade experts
• Attend when it's convenient for you

Two Seminars to Meet Your Needs
Palisade is currently offering three web seminars. Introduction to Risk and Decision Assessment I attendees will learn powerful modeling techniques using @RISK. Introduction to Risk and Decision Assessment II builds on the first seminar and adds decision analysis using PrecisionTree and optimization using RISKOptimizer. Project Managers will benefit from Introduction to Project Risk Analysis using @RISK for Project. Palisade live web training will save you time and money.

Palisade Live Web Training
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Palisade Seminar Schedule


Introduction to Risk and Decision Assessment I
   • 18 - 19 April
   • 16 - 17 May
   • 6 - 7 June

Introduction to Risk and Decision Assessment II
   • 11 - 12 April
   • 9 - 10 May
   • 13 - 14 June

Project Risk Assessment using @RISK for Project
   • 21, 22, 25, 26 April



Introduction to Risk and Decision Assessment
   • Chicago, 2 - 3 May - Deadline approaching
   • Atlanta, 6 - 7 June

Intensive Risk Assessment
   • New York, 18 - 19 April

Introduction to Options and Real Options
   • New York, 20 April

Evaluación de riesgo para usuarios principiantes / intermedios
   • Buenos Aires, 31 de mayo al 2 de junio

Project Risk Assessment using @RISK for Project
   • Dallas, 23 - 24 May

Palisade 20th Anniversary Risk Short Courses
   • Chicago, 4 May
   • Atlanta, 8 June

Palisade Training
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20th Anniversary Risk Short Courses

Palisade Moves!

New Facility is Larger, Hi-Tech
Palisade recently moved into new offices in Ithaca, NY. The new 12,000 square foot facility is close to the shores of Cayuga Lake, downtown Ithaca, and world renowned Cornell University.

Solid Sustained Growth
The decision to relocate was driven by Palisade’s growth. “We simply outgrew our old building,” states Palisade President Sam McLafferty. “The new office provides room for expansion as well as all the amenities needed to deliver better sales, training, and support to our customers.” The building includes a large, state-of-the-art training facility for public seminars.

Contact Information Constant
Palisade will retain key contact information like phone and fax numbers, and the website and email addresses will remain constant. The new mailing address is:

798 Cascadilla Street
Ithaca, NY 14850 USA

The phone, fax, and Internet addresses remain:
800-432-RISK toll-free from the US and Canada
607-277-8001 fax

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StatTools 1.1 Released

StatTools 1.1 is now available. StatTools adds a powerful and robust set of data management and statistical analysis capabilities to Microsoft Excel. With StatTools you can define, manage, and analyze datasets with ease and confidence in an environment you know and use every day.

New Features
StatTools 1.1 adds increased functionality and new analysis to the core product. Enhancements include the addition of Pareto charts which let you graphically summarize the relative importance of the differences between groups of data. Pareto charts are perfect for analysts identifying critical factors and the frequency with which they occur. Additionally StatTools 1.1 has improved regression routines that now include the ability to perform regression through the origin with ease.

Free Update
StatTools 1.1 is available as a free update to current StatTools users. To download this update please go to Palisade Software Updates. For Excel users who need a robust and accurate statistical analysis toolset, visit the StatTools webpage or contact Palisade at or 607-277-8000.

StatTools 1.1 Update

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