Palisade Expands Training

New International Classes
Palisade training has gone global. Recent sold-out seminars have taken place in Sydney, Australia and San José, Costa Rica. The Costa Rican seminar was held in Spanish, a trend the company plans to continue in the Latin American market. Other locations planned for 2004 include Perth and Melbourne, Australia, as well as Auckland, New Zealand. This global expansion makes it easier for more people in more countries to acquire risk assessment expertise.

Specialized Courses
As the field of risk assessment has grown, so too has the requirement for specialized training geared toward specific industry sectors. To meet this need, Palisade has responded with risk assessment classes focusing on oil and gas, project management, corporate finance, and investment analysis.

Training Direct from the Source
According to Palisade Vice President of Services Randy Heffernan, “More and more, companies in these markets are coming to us demanding risk assessment training classes – and they want it directly from the developers of the software they depend upon.”

Custom On-Site Training
The final leg in Palisade’s expanded training effort is an increase in tailored on-site training for corporations. These sessions allow companies to cost effectively disseminate risk assessment knowledge throughout their organization. In addition to the low cost per attendee, on-site seminars are a great way to focus seminars on company specific issues and solutions.

Remarked Waymon Lofton of Fluor Corporation, one recent recipient of Palisade oil and gas training: “Risk analysis within Fluor has moved up to a different level because of Palisade training on the software.”

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Palisade Seminar Schedule

Risk Assessment for Beginning/Intermediate Users
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
4 - 6 August
Auckland, New Zealand
9 - 11 August
Seattle, WA
9 - 11 August

Risk Assessment Training: Oil and Gas Focus
Houston, TX
26 - 28 July
Calgary, AB, Canada
16 - 18 August

Accelerated Introduction to @RISK with Applications
to Corporate Finance

New York, NY
11 - 12 August
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StatTools Gains Popularity

Raytheon Among Users
Palisade’s StatTools package is gaining popularity among academic institutions and the private sector alike. Introduced in late 2003, the statistics add-in for Excel is filling the need for a robust-yet-simple statistics analysis tool. Recent customers include The Hartford Financial Service Group, the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia, and Computer Sciences Raytheon.

“StatTools makes me a better analyst. I can provide more analysis, in a shorter time than I could before,” says Richard Cotman of Raytheon. “I find it easier to use than setting up an Excel analysis. Also, StatTools has the standard statistical tests already set up.”

Live Update Is a Key Feature
One feature that customers comment on is StatTools’ ability to update the results of a statistical analysis automatically when the source data changes. According to Shawn Harahush, StatTools Product Manager: “Not having to manually re-run an analysis whenever there’s a change in source data is a big advantage, especially for analysts working with real-time data.”

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