@RISK 4.1 for Project Now Available

Palisade has just released version 4.1 of @RISK for Project, a risk analysis add-in for Microsoft® Project. @RISK for Project adds the power of Monte Carlo simulation to your Project plans.

With @RISK 4.1 for Project you can now:

  • View your risk analysis results in your Gantt chart. Your simulation results appear fully integrated and in the same format as Microsoft Project’s native Gantt chart.
  • Read Critical Indices directly on the Gantt chart so you know which tasks are most important.
  • Include @RISK distributions as a condition with enhanced If/Then Conditional Modeling (Professional version)

By incorporating features most requested by users, @RISK 4.1 for Project builds on the success of @RISK 4.0 for Project.

@RISK for Project allows project managers to replace uncertain values in project plans with @RISK functions that represent a range of possible values. Select outcomes like Finish Date, Project Duration, or Total Cost as outputs, and start a simulation. @RISK for Project recalculates your project hundreds or even thousands of times, each time selecting random numbers from the @RISK functions you entered. The result is a distribution of possible outcomes and the probabilities of those outcomes occurring.
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Introductory Savings
Upgrade to @RISK 4.1 for Project for only $95 or save up to $300 on the purchase of @RISK for Project.
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Palisade Seminar Schedule

Learn how to manage the risks you face with hands-on risk assessment training from Palisade. Training is hands-on, actively using @RISK and DecisionTools software and working through real-world example models.

“I certainly enjoyed the course. We got a lot out of the event and hope to attend others in the future. Keep up the good work.” - Kevin Laska, Great American Insurance

Risk Assessment for Beginning / Intermediate Users

Los Angeles
7 - 9 June

San José, Costa Rica
In Spanish: 7 - 9 June

New York
21 - 23 June

Melbourne, Australia;
Auckland, New Zealand



Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, and Perth, Australia


Arlington, VA and Miami

Risk Assessment
for Oil and Gas

14 - 16 June

Risk Assessment
for Project Management

12 - 13 July

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New Book Demystifies Financial Risk

Corporate Financial Risk Management
By Roy L. Nersesian

In Corporate Financial Risk Management, Roy L. Nersesian provides a straightforward, business-focused guide to understanding, modeling, and dealing with risk. The book provides real-world examples that use Microsoft Excel and Palisade’s @RISK for Excel, BestFit, and RISKOptimizer to model complex and highly uncertain business situations.

Risk factors beyond management control may mean the difference between profitability and financial catastrophe. The book provides strategies for dealing with day to day uncertainties of commodity pricing, currency exchange rates, borrowing interest rates, and the weather. Detailed examples of project financing, new product development, and price and sales volume variations are used as illustrations.

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@RISK, PrecisionTree Protecting Endangered Animals

Scientists are using @RISK for Excel and PrecisionTree to analyze the impact of disease on endangered species. Faced with a lack of data, the World Conservation Union’s Conservation Breeding Specialist Group is using @RISK for Excel and PrecisionTree to identify and analyze disease in endangered animals. According to Dr. Douglas Armstrong of Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo “It’s an effective approach to minimizing the risks of disease in our efforts to conserve endangered species.”

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