NeuralTools Customer Testimonials

The more I use your tool the more impressed I am. [NeuralTools, StatTools, and Evolver] offer some incredible functionality and opportunity for anyone in the field of prediction and data analysis. I expect that I will be recommending both of these additional tools [StatTools and Evolver] to the professionals in the current course I am working on for the University of British Columbia will provide me with an opportunity to be able to recommend such a purchase to these learners. The ease of use and functionality makes NeuralTools invaluable. Frankly, I feel like a kid in a candy shop when I look at your offerings.I just don't know which to grab first.
Dr. Keith Potter, Business, Management and Technology Programs, University of Victoria

The software is very intuitive. In just an hour, I was able to complete a predictive analysis using my data.
Jim Webre, Drexel University

I was impressed with the software – easy to use, logical and fast.
Eugene Fleming, Fleming and Associates

I find this an excellent product with interesting and useful capabilities.
Isaac Heard Jr., Heard Systems

I have been very happy with this new product. It is certainly easy to use and data preparation for training and testing is straightforward because of the Excel environment. I particularly like the live prediction feature.
Michael F. Cochrane, SDDCTEA, US Army

I am delighted with the program for its speed and easy handling. I was very happy to work with numeric and category variables. The program is super quick.
Dr. Jose R. Iglesias-Rozas, Institut für Pathologie, Katharinenhospital Stuttgart

NeuralTools was very easy to use, much like StatTools. The results were very good. Summary: Ease of Use 10/10. Results 10/10. It is a must-have for Excel users.
Barb Tawney, University of Virginia and Health Care Consultant

Most folks in the medical community are not engineers, but they can use NeuralTools to facilitate their own forecasts of future admissions, current patient demands, and the need for timely discharges using existing patient billing data. To bring this kind of forecasting to non-engineering managers is just awesome!
Barb Tawney, University of Virginia and Health Care Consultant

NeuralTools is a very good product. I recommended it today to a Morgan Stanley VP.
Wayne Winston, Professor of Decision Sciences, Indiana University

Fantastic software!
Brenda McCowan, UC Davis

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